Henry Repeating Arms rifles are woven into American folklore and you can still live out your cowboy fantasties with a low budget lever action rifle. Original stock goes, #936, Manton & Co. W: A large 12 Bore Fully Rifled Henry Jones Underlever Rebounding Hammer Game Rifle, Made about 1898, 26" Steel bar, MADE 1923 25 1/2" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS 1 STANDING AND 1 FOLDING REAR SIGHT WITH ORIGINAL CLAW MOUNTS NEW CLAW RINGS BUILT BY DIETRICK APPEL WEAVER 2 1/2 POWER SCOPE DOUBLE TRIGGERS WITH BOTH BEIN, #82115, Heym 500 3" Nitro Express Model 88B Safari (Not Their Current PH Model), Made 1990, Made with their Anson Type Action with Overhead Sears, Safety sears and a Greener type crossbol, Up for sale is a New FAIR ISIDE Prestige Safari. A Rare Boxlock Double Rifle from Holland & Holland from circa 1922. All Rights Reserved. There’s a striker-fired pistol trigger safety, too, which is a neat touch. The fit is genuinely good. It is one of only twelve boxlock double rifles that were every made by this renown London gunmaker. it has a second set of 28" sporting barrels in 12 gauge with extended removable chokes, #64674, Chapuis Model Brousse in 470 Nitro Express, New Piece, 23 5/8" Ejector Barrels with Quarter rib 1 standing & 3 folding sights, Removable blocks in the rib for scope mounts, Fold over night sig, #64673, Chapuis Model Brousse in 450/400 3" Nitro Express, New Piece, 25 5/8" Ejector Barrels with Quarter rib 1 standing & 3 folding sights, Removable blocks in the rib for scope mounts, Fold over ni, Manton & Co O/U double rifle in caliber 350 #2 Express . If money is a thing, the 22LR version is probably the one you need. It features a tang safety — as it should be — removable chokes and extractors standard. Thank you! What we're shooting for are doubles that come in below the $1,000 mark that are worth the money. Additionally, they're easy to maintain. O&L TRUNK- EXC. SET- MOD 88B SAFARI- 1992- MATCHING SERIAL NUMBERS- 375 H&H SCOPED- 20 w/ 7 BRILEY CHOK, WESTLEY RICHARDS 470 N. E.- TRUE & FULL SIZE PROPER 470 at 12 Lbs. by ARTHUR SMITH, BARREL MAKER to the TRADE in, Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. RIFLE- 28" STEEL Bbls.- SOLID WOOD- 11 Lbs. The safety doubles as the barrel selector and its trigger is good enough for a much more expensive gun. This 300 Win Mag Howa 1500 is a great starter rifle if you’re looking for an all-rounder for hunting, long distance shooting and just about anything else. The Schnabel fore-end is one such example. The .243 Win is a versatile round that takes over where the .22 Long Rifle runs out of gas. For full privacy policy terms & conditions, contact us at the main email address. The 555 has Stevens’ name, but not Stevens’ place of origin. Not to mention, in most circumstances, they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than over/unders and side-by-sides. #071219, Krieghoff 500/416 N. E. Model Classic Big Five SxS Double Rifle with One Spare Factory Barrel in 20 Bore, A lot of 500/416 ammo and dies go with the gun, The rifle … Stock and forend are made of first-class walnut or beech. This low-budget rifle gives you everything you need and not a great deal else. O&L CASE- GR, ALEXANDER HENRY- 450 3 1/4" BPE- 1892 CLASSIC HAMMERLESS COCKING UNDERLEVER SIDELOCK EXPRESS- EXC. Textured grip panels on the stock should help you keep a tight grip when you need to, even with gloves on. Not best-gun quality, but more than enough to satisfy a first-time double shooter or a hunter who might go a little rough on his or her gun. If you’re looking to buy American, this isn’t the class of shotguns for you. A Holland & Holland 'Royal' Double Rifle chambered for the .500/450 Nitro Express cartridge. First off, the double-barrel shotgun cuts a sharp profile, with an A-grade walnut stock, Prince of Wales grip and deeply blued metal. $8,000.00 "Lu-Mar SRL Over/Under 7 x 65R (R6446) GI#: 101457436 "Lu-Mar SRL Over/Under 7 x 65R caliber rifle. SN 173. Almost every caliber is available, so pick your poison and maybe build up a collection of low cost Mossberg rifles that cover all your major hunting needs. Well made and kept to tight tolerances, thanks to CNC manufacturing, the Trinity locks up well and has a quality fit. JJ Perodeau exclusive: Brand new Chapuis Serie 3 22 Hornet double rifle. This is the works, a detachable magazine, a collapsible stock and much more. It comes with five chokes and, depending on gauge, weighs in at 5.5 to 7.3 pounds. But then the bigger 7mm Remington shoots just as true and is one of the few rounds that can actually go further than the Creedmoor. The customer reviews tell their own story, too, and every online gun reviews say this is one of the best rifles in the world for the money. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its new for 2020 Trinity line. That means it’s Turkish — which can be good or bad news. Barrels are 24.5" long. 2 Nitro Express, Marcel Thys & Sons 'Constantine V' Deluxe DBR .600 NE, S. Lucchini Sidelock Double Rifle .470 NE, Verney-Carron 'SX' O/U Double Rifle .450/400 Nitro Express 3", Westley Richards 'Droplock' Double Rifle .470 NE, Westley Richards .404 Sidelock Double Rifle One of One, Double Rifles for sale by Country Pursuits and Outfitters.

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