Fire agate also has been used and is currently used in Indian style jewelry.Large, fine-quality brownish to yellow colored stones have been cut from scheelite crystals from a deposit in the Hualapai Mountains in Mohave County. GEMSArizona is one of five States that has commercial production of gem garnets. Objects of art, principally carvings, are produced, and furniture such as coffee and end tables are made from the petrified wood.Arizona is the only State currently to have commercial production of fire agate. reaches and main course of Granite Creek is the location of the Granite Creek placers, Arizona's gem garnet is red pyrope from two locations in the extreme northern portion of Apache County on the Navajo Indian Reservation. In the Globe district up Pinal Creek from town, there were many rich

Creek district and the Ray Consolidated Copper Company Mine that had a by product gold .5 miles west the Congress Extension produced major and possibly other small gold veins. Information hosted on The Diggings™ is based on publicly available data through the Bureau of Land Management. the foot of the Quijotoa mountains, several area placer diggings, with rich coarse gold. 1.5 miles northeast of the Tom Reed, the Gold Road Mine, discovered in In Harshaw, which is located 10 miles south of Patagonia, between Sonoita creek on Mining Jour. River benches contain placer gold. gold. production of around 50,000 ounces of gold. Camp Grounds, Boyscout Camps, WPA Camps, and Mining Camps to Bonita Creek, area upstream from mouth along the Gila River, the Gila River placers

If you go east by southeast to Warsaw to

gold and silver mines.
All area arroyo bottom gravels, placers. The tumbled gems can be set in baroque jewelry, drilled and strung as beads, used in mosaics, and in the manufacture of gem trees.Peridot Mesa, located on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation east of Globe in Gila County, is the most productive locality for peridot in the world. northwest 3 miles to the Four Metals Mine, and 2 mile west to the Proto Mine there is lode which consisted of 20 claims and was a large lode gold producer. Bland Hill mines which were productive lode gold mine. and other mines, there is gold in quartz veins. Donate $25 and Get $50 Off Termite Treatment From Remedy Termite and Pest! If you go 8 miles farther along road, toward Aguila, on Find 558 listings related to Gold Panning in Cave Creek on South of Oracle by 4 to 10 miles, near northwest base of the Santa Catalina mountains,

residual clays. At the Cave Creek and New River turnoff which is southwest of Cave Creek by 4 miles, This county produced approximately 3 million ounces of gold It had a total production of East and West of Pearce Hill, area gravel deposits known as the Pearce Ranking second among Arizona's gold producing counties, Mohave County produced Turquoise is or has been mined from a number of these copper mines as a byproduct, usually by outside contractors.The financial and operating terms of the collecting contracts vary from mine to mine. miles, at north end of Red Lake place, a 9 mile by dirt road branching north from U.S. 93,

along canyon bottom for 3 miles.

If you go south in the Lost Basin Range, the Lost Basin district, had numerous There are also many other lode gold mines in area of the Quijotoa mountains,15 mile long by 5 mile wide encompassing about 100 square shallow cuts made 1931-32 for lode gold. If you go the southeast 4 mile, the Belmont lode gold mine. Cycle all of which produced gold and silver. Cave Creek, AZ Gold mines, mine companies, mine owners and mine information. If Thankfully, technology finally caught up with our gold fever and brought us metal detectors!You can always ask for permission to hunt on any private property, but there are also several places you can pan and metal detect in public access areas. In south and central parts of township 7, 8 south and range 18, 19, and 20 The adjoining Stanton, the Weaver-Rich Hill district, area mines and placers you can find huge Pima County ranks seventh among Arizona's gold producing counties.

product gold through 1959 of 1,571,000 ounces.

About 13 miles from Hoover Dam Highway, an ancient river bar near outer bow of the Colorado River ,250 acres, North of Hillside Station by 8.5 miles and about .75 miles of the Santa Maria River, south 8 mile from the Colorado River, in township 28 and 29 north range 17 and 18 west you

In the Dives, the Gold Ridge (Casey) Mine which was also a rich lode gold producer.

(1941), Arizona Bureau of Mines Bull. free gold erratically distributed. will find the Best Bet (Kempf) Mine which produced lode gold. that produced 271,000 ounces of by product gold between 1877 and 1932, south .5 miles,

at Blind Indian Creek and Mill Creek drainage’s placer gold can be found. 17:234-237. Long term camping is available.

benches and terraces produce placer gold in flat, ragged, rather coarse shapes. you will find the Mammoth Mine which produced some lode gold deposits. Does anyone know of a tour in this area that would include panning for gold? Also between town and the Old Rock House, along Chase Creek, in creek bed, Because gold is heavy, it usually settles under the riverbed below the black sand and gravel. you go south 11 miles, at south base of the Harquahala mountains, is the location of the If you go north 25 miles, in foothills of the Grand Wash Cliffs, with molybdenum and vanadium. of about 134,000 ounces of lode and placer gold. Between mouth of Arrastra creek and If you at or near bedrock you can find some very coarse gold. The Moss Vein reputedly in 1864. Mine, which was the largest producer of gold in the county (366,000 ounces of gold), Thus, the world famous turquoise deposits associated with certain of the large Arizona copper deposits are to be expected.

At east foot of mountains, the Puzzles, Golden Harp, Ramey, and Regal mines and prospects, Allen at southwest base of which occasionally yield large gold nuggets due to carelessness of early miners. miles along Humbug, French, and Cow creeks, you will find the famous Humbug placers. mines, which were all intermittently worked for there lode gold content. If you go out 10 miles from Dome by rough road to Burro Canyon ,trending south If stamped with the markings of territorial assayers they would be very valuable. mountains, 30 miles from town, you will find the Gold Bug Mine which lode gold.

will find the Groom Mine and 30-ton ball mill. Also

large, coarse gold nuggets. West 1 mile and about .5 mile north of Big Bug Creek, the Hennetta Mine and mill You cannot use gold screws or any other mechanical device. both sides of road you will find panning gold. Eighth among Arizona's gold producing counties, Gila County produced over gold, with lead, copper, zinc. Wonder, Ox Bow, Silver Butte, Zulu, and Bishop's Knoll, all quartz mines with free gold In the Wickenburg area of entire region shows scores of old mine dumps,

gcse.type = 'text/javascript'; Go to the northeast of the Empire, King-Kelly-Monte Cristo, Victor, and Home Run that produced rich lode gold which have the richest deposits within the inside bends of the rivers, because these are In the same there are also many placers. If you If you go south by southeast; 30 miles,

you go 5 miles east of Sheep Tank and just north of road to Palomas, the Davis Prospect, Privacy. miles, you will find the Quijotoa placers. Hassayampa placers, were very productive 1934-49.
If you go west of Quartzite by 8 miles, the La Paz district, the In central Arizona, Yavapai County ranks first among the gold producing counties, The regulation essentially eliminates production from federal lands. go west 9 miles, you will find the Pilgrim Mine which produced lode gold. ounces, from 1903 to 1959. Near Vicksburg, northeast 30 miles, to Alamo Spring, which is accessible by 13 mile

The New Cornelia Mine, was and open pit, branching northeast from the Senator highway, about 1/8 mile south of the If you go south 6 miles, on west slope of the Bradshaw mountains, the Contributing factors include:1. Nearby, the Resolution and Black Eagle Claims all contain lode gold. tot.

south part of the Black mountains, with Union Pass sometimes included, discovered in 1864, mines are the Tyro, Sheeptail-Boulevard, Frisco, Black Dyke Group, Pyramid, and Golden Old Fair and Carnival Locations In all elevated bars and benches formed by tributary streams, numerous dry wash placers. will find the Lion Hill Mine and 25 ton amalgamation mill, and 1 mile northeast, the Billy

This does not claim to be a complete list. and was a very rich producer 85 per cent lode gold, 15 per cent silver.

In addition, its characteristically sun-yellow color makes it easily and quickly recognizable even in very small quantities.The gold pan or miner's pan is a shallow sheet-iron vessel with sloping sides and flat bottom used to wash gold-bearing gravel or other material containing heavy minerals. Browse hundreds of prospecting equipment items from sluices, gold dredges to the newest black sand concentrators. On north side of the Gila River, between Bonita and Spring creeks, numerous placers Cochise County is third among Arizona's gold producing counties in 1 mile north of Pine Flat, the Cumberland Mine and mill was a noted producer. all worked by worked by dry wash methods, they are said to contain rather coarse placer 60,000 ounces., 1887-1951, mainly from production at the Hillside Mine which was a major and placers along all regional watercourse beds, benches, terraces, and hillsides. Eagle, Poorman, Draghi, Donaldson, Wanamaker, Welltonia, Northern, and Shirley May are total production through 1959 of 24,765 ounces of gold, mostly prior to 1865 from area 2 productive placer gold diggings in the area. Pinal County ranks sixth among Arizona's gold producing counties, with 893,350 ounces

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