We plan to do this again once the weather gets cooler, we can build a nice fire and enjoy some hot cocoa outside. The shop vac has a huge filter attached to the lid and it fits down inside the container when the lid is in place. Those aren’t ready just yet. A Primer for Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Storm Surges, Lunar and Solar Eclipses – Dates, Folklores and Facts (2020). It was really heavy and a challenge to drag over to my outdoor trash can. My deer and squirrels have been overwhelmed and haven’t been able to keep up. I did a little test vacuuming in this spot on the side of the house and dang, if it didn’t work great! Christmas Pillow Crazy & Shopping at T.J. Maxx Online! Keep the stories & ideas coming! It got us a long way (arguably too far in some respects) and we just can't let well enough alone. He thinks you’re pretty clever as well! There was just recently an article in the paper regarding acorns, and their use by Native Americans. Andrew. Using a food dehydrator or your oven on low, dry the acorn meal thoroughly. They hold the heat, glowing for a long time after the fire is out. That is a ridiculous story, Susan!! The shop vac does a great job of getting under bushes, etc. I forgot to take a picture of the wood molding on either side of the door, but it’s still nice and clean, too. That’s a good idea, maybe I should dump a few on the back of my property. Spurce produces little heat but lots of smoke, and can spark and spit. Cypress Cypress burns very quickly. Will share how they do in the spring. Please note that we do not stock new or returned goods at this address. , Tips for Shop-Vacuuming Up Acorns from Grass, aka, What Worked for Me. She has had success with the bulbs reblooming, but she does have to dig them up & replant each year. 3 Summer Tables As We Approach the End of Summer. Maybe when I dig them back up, I can stick them in the fridge and replant them again the following year. I soon regretted that. Hi Susan! Wait for darker acorns to fall from the tree before you start to harvest. It is very common to have problems with any kind of vent free product. That hole isn't a defect; it's a part of history. For luck, at Halloween” My son, when he was younger, was very interested in animals - absolutely loved animals and pretended to be them, read about them, played with animal toys, etc. Wonder if that’s why I had such a problem on those steps. But it died fairly soon. Well...[smile] lots to do! Does it have a brand name on it? Do you put them in a compost pile or out with the trash? Cut the grass reasonably short before getting started. Brown means ripe. Sign Up Today for More Access! What dope thought to put the property line THROUGH a close (and I mean CLOSE! Some interesting things. That’s a lot of acorns Susan! I’m wondering if they drew up the subdivision plans while having a few drinks. Use a durable food processor or blender to liquefy the acorn meats. Up Next: 5 Tips for Waxing the Garden Hose. He uses it from sun up to sundown, kidding but it seems it. © 2020 Homestead Survival Site. It must be a bumper crop of acorns everywhere because I’ve seen friends post on FB about your issue also. We got one of them and love it. I have recently learned that voles (field mice) and deer love acorns and they carry ticks. Houzz TV looking for inspiring stories & awesome remodeling projects! I was amazed! Drying them inside reduces mold growth. This post was written back in October 2016 so they are long gone now. Unfortunately, when the grass gets cut, it never gets up the majority of the acorns. My neighbors came home in the midst of all this vacuuming craziness. Then, store your acorns in large, open containers. Even when VENT FREE products are installed correctly they stink, create moisture, white chalky stuff that gets all over. Uh, yeah I was! To make the process easier, shell them in water and let them soak for 10-15 minutes. Of course, any other poisonous woods are best avoided. I’ve had a lot of hawks this summer hanging out in my backyard. DONT BE FOOLED BY THOSE THAT TRY TO SAY THE MOISTURE IS GOOD FOR YOUR HOME. Cynthia. There is something so satisfying about hearing those acorns clang their way up and into the container, not to mention the satisfaction of seeing a smooth, grassy lawn reappear. LOL. Grow your knowledge. Laburnum is poisonous, so you do not want its fumes getting in your home or your lungs. You’ll notice that the texture feels very similar. Oh, dear…Susan….I fear you may be suffering from the “DTMFC” syndrome…it’s been going around… (drank too much fermented cider.) God Bless! I have also heard of red-oak acorns being used for tanning because of their tannin and oil content, but again, I’m not knowledgeable about the method.

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