Post Maul (FH) UPC: 737184131601, ITEM 3160G (Non-lacquered) UPC: 737184623489, ITEM 2348UR UPC: 737184726548, ITEM 2660A Push Broom Screw 1 1/8" Dia. I think it is working invemntion, but unfortunately the inventor is keeping it aa bit overprized altho the current prize starting to be reasonable considering the small volumes and pretty complex shape of the head of the vipukirves "leveraxe" or how it translates. UPC: 737184835547, ITEM 3560S Length: 60" Length: 54" Length: 36" Push Broom Metal Screw (AA) Length: 40" Thanks for the idea for finishing the end, LV. Grade AA:  20.85 Each Length: 60" Hay Fork (FH) Cant Hook (AA) Hoe with Ferrule (FH) UPC: 737184022664, ITEM 22R48 Length: 28" Mine is a Bilnas Bruk, sorry I don't know how to add the umlaut over the a. Grade FH:  17.60 Each Eye Size: 1 3/4 x 2 1/8 Eye Size: 7/16 Bore Eye Size: 2" x 3" (5 - 9 lbs.) Each handle on a Grӓnsfors Bruks axe uses old Swedish construction traditions by expert Hans Erik Persson, providing an ergonomic, steady, comfortable grip on the axe. Length: 36" You guys are funny. Square Post Hole Digger (AA) Manure Fork (AA) Grade FH:  10.40 Each Eye Size: 2 1/2 Diameter UPC: 737184923480, ITEM 2348U Husqvarna OEM 26" Hickory Brush Clearing Axe 579000601. Fiskars Forged Steel Splitting Axe with 31.5-in Composite Handle. UPC: 737184323549, ITEM 2354C UPC: 737184220480, ITEM 22GIH Length: 60" Length: 36" Grade AA:  12.60 Each Grade FH:  9.00 Each UPC: 737184127604, ITEM 2760 Eye Size: 7/16 Bore Length: 30" Back; Auger; Drain Tiler Cleaner; Square Eye Post Hole Digger; Round End Post Hole Digger; Post Hole Digger; Paint Roller / Squeegee & Push Broom Handles. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Grade FH:  15.30 Each UPC: 737184228608, ITEM 2936 UPC: 737184422600, ITEM 22H60NB, Talk, UPC: 737184422488, ITEM 22H54 UPC: 737184325604. Grade AA:  7.10 Each Forgedcraft USA Professional Bill Hook-Brush Axe, with Axe Head.

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