The American Langshan Club The Original Since 1887. To be sure, Langshans are a most valuable general purpose chicken breed. These large, gentle Chinese birds entered the western scene along with the Brahma and Cochin in the 1870’s, and have been impressing ever since. BIG GORGEOUS birds, super layers of big eggs, friendly and gentle, great free rangers, heat and cold tolerant, devoted mothers. The Langshan had been bred in this damp district for centuries and was prized for good reason. The hens are excellent sitters as they are large enough to cover a dozen eggs at a time and make wonderfully attentive mothers. They are docile, quiet and tolerant birds which are friendly and easily tamed and so are an excellent choice for families. Crossing two blues, both Bl / bl will produce 25% black (bl /bl), 50% blue (Bl / bl) and 25% splashed white (Bl /Bl). If you answered Croad Langshan, you are not only a chicken nerd, you are right! Characteristics: The latter was not accepted to the standard until 1987. The name ‘Croad’ distinguishes the original type of Langshan, imported by Major Croad, which were a utility fowl of great merit, from the tall Modern Langshans which have been developed for the show pen. Croad Langshans were named for U.K Major F.T. Produces large amounts of very white meat, does well on well-drained land. The Croad Langshan is large in body, has a deep and long breast which is carried well forward; the back is rather long and sloping with the tail rising sharply from the back, giving the characteristic 'U' shape. For now, feel free to continue reading. #garrythegoodboy #langshan #ilovechickens #poultryofinstagram #poultrywa #poultryaustralia #largebreed #heritage #croadlangshan, A post shared by Sasprice (@shotbysas) on Sep 29, 2018 at 11:38pm PDT. After the Second World War Croad Langshans were reintroduced to Germany from the USA. The Croad Langshan Club was formed in Britain in 1904. A heavy landing from a height may damage their legs. In the early 20th century Croad Langshans became a popular utility breed, doing well in laying trials. were eliminated, with the exception of the blue color. The Langshan from which the Australian Langshan was developed from originated in China, before being exported to England and America. The legs of that brooder are a little over two and a half feet tall and he still has time to grow. The Croad line of Langshans once laid a dark brown egg, but this line is not available from hatcheries (and is even rare to find from breeders). Their gentle, non-aggressive nature may be appealing to humans, but might result in them being the low bird on the totem pole in a mixed flock. In 1872, even as the enthusiasm for the wonderful, large, feather legged Cochins and Brahmas had crested, a third such chicken breed quietly departed China for England.

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