If you are a woman, it tells you of the ultimate protective love of the mother  towards her children. Does the monkey defeats you? Every evil friend preventing me from moving forward, fall down and die by fire, in Jesus name. Sometimes dream about monkey giving birth has nothing to do with conception. May the Lord protect you and your job in Jesus name. Short Bible verses on spiritual meaning about monkey dream. This type of dream is not a common dream but the moment it occurs, drastic steps have to be taken to knowing its hidden meaning. An empty cage is a sign of an escaped person or destiny. 1 Kings 10:22 1 Kgs 10:22. Dreams about monkeys may either point at your playful nature or influence you to become more serious in future. If monkey appears to be jumping in your dream, this is a bad omen. Maybe you don’t love monkey in waking life, then the monkey appears as a warning of fear, threat, lack of control, insecurity. Many traditional settings have images of a monkey as a talisman of protection. While laughter is healing, the human soul connection with Monkeys is profound and extends far beyond a few laughs. It means there are some marine powers in you or around your home that doesn’t agree with you. If you have been struggling to find love, satisfaction, peace of mind then it means you will not get the desire of your heart. In our effort to protect our intellectual properties, we may report your website, Youtube to Google without prior notice and your website or contents will be removed from Search Engines and you may receive a strike. For example, if you see monkey giving birth somewhere, represents a deep need of change of level. This is where many people takes a bad step as a result of bad company. Now if you see a dead monkey just lying on the road, street etc, that monkey represent a human being. However, if you wake up feeling bad, then it means something terrible is likely to hit you at the edge of breakthrough. Maybe you used to have money before, but you suddenly discovered you are now a beggar. And if you are a man and you often come across group of monkey in a cage, then it is a warning that some set of people are working against your blessings. On the other hand, a dream about a monkey or monkeys could symbolize a break up of trust and respect between you and someone. I renounce, every demonic monkey bearing my name in the spirit realm, in the name of Jesus. In some cases where you killed a monkey, it indicates that you have used your mouth to curse, demotivate, depress and frustrate a person. Think about what might stand in your way or what is stopping you from leading an exciting life. Often, if you see monkey chased you to your house, its terrifying dreams. You have tried your best to become outstanding person in the society. The joy might come through gifts, testimony, favour etc. If a monkey bites you more often in your dream, it automatically warns you of an idol, spirit or person manipulating you. In other cases, your dream about monkey chasing you or you chasing monkey might have nothing to do with your best friend, foundation. Blood of Jesus, (say “blood of Jesus” seven times) separate my life and destiny from every unfriendly friend, in the name of Jesus. They may also stand for deceit, intuition, and insight. A dream of giving birth to a monkey embodies brotherly love, rapport, and satisfaction. Power to see and discern people quickly before presenting my matters to them, come upon me, in the name of Jesus. Many people that comes across monkeys giving birth usually experienced a terrible events. If you dream that such monkey loses her child during birth, this usually indicate a warning sign of impossibility, barrenness. Sometimes, you are the reason why you are in terrible attacks. Every damage done to my life as a result of this dream, be repaired, in the name of Jesus. Our content is under copyright law. Do you feel like you are walking in the shadow of death? This is likely a sign that you are winning the battle, and perhaps God has taken or brought you out from the hands of the enemy. Ships For Trading Every Three Years Trade With Metals Pets sailing. The dream symbol may include the meaning of happiness, joy and celebration. However, if you are unhappy in your dream and you see a bunch of monkeys dancing or laughing on you, it represents embarrassment. This dream can break down the focus and emotion of a man. On the other hand, if you ran away in the dream when monkey attacked you, that dream means you have been hit by demonic attack unaware. All evil remote controllers, loose your holds upon my affections, in the name of Jesus. Fighting with monkey in dream is like engaging in spiritual warfare. Gorilla dream means obstacles. Your email address will not be published. Its playful nature predicts good luck and the way it swings its long tail embodies connection, mobility, balance, and control. If you witness two monkeys fighting themselves, it means the Holy Spirit is exposing your enemies to you. This type of dream symbolizes fertility in men. To see an hungry monkey is a warning of a starved soul. Perhaps you are running to get to somewhere on time but as soon as the enemy discover you are closer to your breakthrough, they attack you. This website can empower you how to pray against enemies for effective deliverance. You may have problems in finances. You may have received bad news, or you may be about to go through a period of misfortune. If you love eating banana, there is a possibility of dream about monkey eating banana. This is a time where you need to deal with these types of strongman militating against your deliverance. If a monkey is seen more often, the spiritual meaning symbolizes something more troublesome in near future. Perhaps you may have some people who are trying to attach themselves to you, if you allow them, you will ever regret entertaining them. Some breakthroughs would never happen unless the the power of God set you free at last. For example, if you dreamed of a dead monkey, it is a warning sign of death and sickness. Every agenda, of idol worshippers for my life, be cancelled, in Jesus name. There are people or a particular blessings that are about to enter your life, and such a dream means a disturbance to the new set of blessings. Maybe you come from a demonic home, then a dream where you see monkey in a cage means you are suffering from evil inheritance in your father’s house. For instance, a monkey hanging a seal on top of a maple tree means that you would get promoted to a higher post. You should start seeing good news. This kind of dream attack encourages you to pray against any demonic powers assigned to feed you with the bread sorrow. On the other hand, if you find out you are getting married or having sex with monkey, it means you are finished. If you have recently visited the zoo where you came across monkey, then this type of dream is normal. You need to cover yourself  with the blood of Jesus, with this, you can have a peaceful night rest.

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