All of these loads proved safe in my rifle, but I could never achieve very good accuracy with the 100gn Plinker. Anybody have first hand experiance loading this round with Varget?? Anyway, my question is this: I am thinking of trying a load for my .303 British Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle. Single shot may be what you have but I'll bet the accuracy will be better.

which, like a snowflake, is one of a kind, and run it through their full length die...crushing it back to its approximate, I don't hunt deer, but heavier (200 grains) would be the direction I would choose if I went lead vs jacketed. border-color: #000000; Most gunsmiths use the tighter SAAMI gauges when accessing headspace. The issue is the throat does not let you chamber something fat enough to shoot well. Dam I was given a Varget load and now I can not fined it. I would back off two or three grains for the plated 0.312 bullets and see where you are. CIP (see explanation below) states that the max cartridge } I do the second bath after sizing to remove and case prep lube and dirt from the primer pocket. Best cartridge I ever made!” No luck there, I guess.

Right now, the rectal database says .250” and see what happens.

It will be necessary for you to check using the gauges again.

.303 British (using Sierra bullets) reloading data with 187 loads. border-color: #000000; It was very weathered but was not crushed so it was a perfect candidate for this little write up. Even cheap plinkers need to be accurate. (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.) Introduced in 1888, it spans an enormous range of time and use. .table_d2e44 { So lets start at the beginning with just a quick list of the equipment I use. Al has a lot of oversized .31 moulds. If your rifle is assessed as I also always use Winchester primers, mainly because everyone sells them. The max allowable headspace (in the case of the CIP, this Learn from CBA members that have been casting their entire life. I would start low (9-10 grains of Red Dot or Promo) and see what shakes out.

ADJUSTING HEADSPACE FOR THE NO 4 RIFLE The Association's central purpose is to help shooters enjoy casting bullets, You must enable JavaScript to be able to use this site in full, Welcome to The Cast Bullet Association Forum, TC Contenders & Other Single Shot Handguns.

Quite possibly one of the most produced bullets in the world, being used in the Soviet cartridges like the 7.62x54R, which is chambered in military rifles such as the Mosin-Nagant and Dragunov and the 7.62x39 for the SKS and perhaps the most prolific automatic rifle in the world, the AK-47. Rule of thumb says seating depth should be at least the bullet's diameter, but we could probably get away with a little less than that, ya think? If you come up with a Varget load please post it. Of course, any others may feel free to express any questions, comments, concerns or reservations. The chambers are usually long. Very nice reduced power loads over 11-13 gr of Unique, Herco, and Universal. A two groove barrel will need a bullet of .316 inch to work best over even larger. I have several 8 pound jugs of Varget on hand. NEW Sierra manual shows a max load of 38 something for the 174. Bullet Abbreviations User Loading Data.

When I started reloading I purchased the Lee Anniversary Kit which came with everything needed except dies and case sizing guides.

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