The company already has reloading data for other Nosler bullets on its website, and brass for sale. Our review is not to promote the 22 Nosler, but to provide accuracy and velocity results with factory and hand loads from both 18″ and 24″ barrels. The bolt face and bolt carrier group are the same as a 223 Remington/556 NATO. The .22 Nosler case body measures .420 inch in diameter where it meets the case head, compared to the .223 Rem. The 77-grain Custom Competition .22 Nosler load generates 3100 fps from a test barrel, an even more substantial gain of 350 fps over the .223 Rem. Nosler’s comparisons using sized cases showed a 20.44 percent increase in powder capacity with 55-grain Ballistic Tip bullets seated to SAAMI overall cartridge length specifications. Fine for smaller critters with thin hides,but for a hog shield I suspect the animal would run. The AR-15 style rifle is well suited to hunting predators, except for the cartridge it typically shoots. The .22 Nosler has a 30-degree shoulder while the .223 Rem. The coyote, a big male, simply dropped. by Bryce M. Towsley - (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Monday—Friday: When Not Hunting At the shoulder the .22 Nosler measures .400 inch in diameter and the .223 Rem. Hope you get a 16 or 18 and show us that. I asked Siri..."what is kaput" She said..."It is the sound that you hear when DJ fires into the ground at running hogs". The only thing required to upgrade any AR15 is a new barrel (or upper receiver) and 6.8 magazines. Clearly these are two accurate loads. of muzzle energy. With my chronograph measurements of ammo from 18-inch barrels, the .22 Nosler shows a 265 fps increase in muzzle velocity over 55-grain .223 Rem. While I see the .22 Nosler as primarily a predator and varmint round, no doubt this cartridge will also be used for deer and hogs. factory loads fired from rifles with 18-inch barrels had an average muzzle velocity of 2992 fps on my chronograph. SPC. Have a friend with one and they are a flat shooting and is very fast, it be gettin it! The bolt face and bolt carrier group are the same as a 223 Remington/556 NATO. Aero Precision AR15 Upper Receiver 223 Review, Pulsar Thermal Night Vision – New for 2020. ), 2950 (77 gr. • Caliber: .22• Bullet: 55-gr. Groups with the 77-grain Custom Competition load from the same rifle averaged .68 inch. Still running the 22 Nosler? You have to be in shape to tote around a 24 inch rifle though. Nosler currently offers three factory loads for the .22 Nosler. 6.5 Grendel Hog Hunting Rifle However, the length from the base to the point on the shoulder that determines the minimum headspace dimension is shorter for the .22 Nosler. The ODHA site provides information on Firearms, Hunting, Handloading, and Safety for men and women who share our interest in the outdoors. As this is designed as a long-range load, the Nosler data says it is 47.4 inches low at 500 yards and 83.8 inches low at 600 yards, where it still has 1519 fps of velocity remaining and retains 395 ft.-lbs. We used Nosler Brass for our hand-loads, and bullets from Nosler and Hornady. PS: you always seem to be able to get to places that have a hog population problem.? The 22 Nosler cartridge was developed by Nosler Inc. to be the fastest 22 caliber round available for the AR-15 platform, with the least amount of modification. In the rifle Nosler sent for testing, the 55-grain Ballistic Tip Varmint load produced three-shot groups at 100 yards that averaged .51 inch. Pulsar Thermion XQ50 Thermal Scope All the "normal" varmint bullets could be to weak for the deeper penetration. Most of the die makers are on board, and I got mine from Redding without any waiting. ). The .22 Nosler has a 30-degree shoulder while the .223 Rem. Great video Lawman, I really like how you demo so many different calibers, guns , optics,etc. Saturday & Sunday: We Are Hunting. Both cartridges are commercially loaded for a SAAMI maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. All that’s required is a new upper or replacement barrel chambered in .22 Nosler, along with a magazine designed for the 6.8mm Rem. AGM TM35-384 Thermal Monocular, Hours This is to prevent a .223 Rem. case, hence the need for a different magazine, the case head is rebated so it fits bolts designed for standard .378-inch case heads. The 22 Nosler is basically a 6.8 SPC case necked down to .224 caliber with a rebated rim of .378″ diameter. The ODHA is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife, hunting, reloading, and recreational shooting. I am not an advocate of any .22-caliber centerfire for hunting big game, but the increase in power is a good thing. The .223 case held 30.7 grains of water to the top of the neck. However, the length from the base to the point on the shoulder that determines the minimum headspace dimension is shorter for the .22 Nosler. (The .22 Nosler body diameter is pretty much the same as that of the 6.8mm SPC case, although Nosler says there is no parent case.) I was impressed! 22 Nosler . This load generates 1,488 ft.-lbs. Laboratory-generated velocity data for both cartridges is from a SAAMI-standard 24-inch test barrel. Our first trip to the range was to get the new AR15 running and chronograph some of the Dog Town 22 Nosler 55 grain ammo. )• Muzzle Energy (advertised ft.-lbs. Nosler’s engineers had to sacrifice some performance to idiot-proof the guns.

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