Chris Evans And Jenny Slate, From there I went to Harvard Business School, did a little stint at Goldman Sachs for the summer, and basically had an opportunity to go back to McKinsey or go to Goldman, and I decided to go back to McKinsey. And energy was cheap. To onboard new employees. At the end of the day, what that means is: you need a great culture. Mr. Lee serves on the Lincoln Center Theatre Board of Directors and is also Co-Chair of his Class Steering Committee at Harvard University. When I was coming out of school in 1994, private equity firms didn’t hire anyone, so I went to work for McKinsey. And I'm involved in some with some of them and it's going to be very interesting to see how the different states incorporate the advice that they're getting, because the picture that's presented locally is different than nationally, and in different cities and different states and different regions, the fact pattern could be different. You then have liability issues here. Recovery I think could be a challenge in the United States for a bunch of reasons. I was a basketball player, but one of my primary reasons for going to Rice was the Space Center right down the road. Look at the number of IPOs that are happening now vs. 10 to 15 years ago. We're attributing that basically to the policy response in Europe, which was in large part, designed to keep employment up. If I leave someone out when you write this, then fill them in. BM There’s been a lot of talk from your competitors about attracting retail investors. There are 11 older and no younger executives at The Carlyle. So I'm encouraged that you foresee a comeback. Of course, you need industry experts. Carlyle, a number of years ago, began to dedicate itself to addressing this. KL When you look at the construction of most funds these days, more is coming from the biggest LPs. Cleaning up somebody else’s mess may not be the most glamorous job but in the case of Kewsong Lee it paid off. Nothing Lasts Forever Meaning, David and Bill chair that board, so we have very frequent interactions with them. First, as you rightly point out, every state doing it a little bit differently, so there is an enormous consistency and there are lots of different standards among the different states. And similarly, I think with respect to the have-nots, you're seeing lots of businesses where all of a sudden people are saying, "Oh my gosh, this business will just not work in the new world". It's the number one, number two economies in the world, and we are much better off with everyone working together and having healthy relationships than not. Andrew Schwartz: To put this in context; you have $217 billion under management, and you've got over 1700 employees who are involved in that management in one way or another. But over time, we're much better off if these ecosystems, out of respect, can constructively engage on basis of fair international market-based standards. The Carlyle duo, both alumni of Harvard Business School and McKinsey & Co., inherited at the start of this year more than $200 billion of assets under management and flagship buyout funds that are among the industry leaders. It trades very well. Whereas in other parts of the world, especially in the far East, it's much more monolithic in nature, they can do what they want, and as a result, it's just easier to do the contact tracing for them over there. GY We’re a young industry in an absolute sense when it comes to relationships with public unit holders, and we’re complicated. Over the last 8 years, insiders at The Carlyle have traded over 28,670,136$ worth of The Carlyle stock and bought 305,000 units worth 7,142,450$ Kewsong Lee is Chief Executive Officer at Carlyle Group LP. Your email address will not be published. All of us are being affected. Because Kew and I sit next to each other in Washington, and we sit next to each other in New York, Curt’s right beside us. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. Statistik nach Branche. The largest trade he's ever made was buying 24,691,359 units of The Carlyle stock on 13 February 2008 worth over $300,000,012. Die Organigramm Details von Kewsong Lee aktualisieren. GY Kew and I talk about retail probably every third day. 1998 World Cup England Squad, Kinsolving's acting credits include performances on nearly two dozen prominent television series during the 1950s and 1960s. And yes, all corporations need to have resiliency in their supply chain, but resiliency does not mean necessarily keep it monolithically in one country. So the risk of underinvestment is a real risk that you have to watch out for in a world where things are more or less clicking along and prices remain high. So I think there's a lot of reason for hope and optimism. All of us are basically no higher than when we went public. We want to understand how you got here. You have continued disruption by technology. Watermelon Sugar Meaning, Loyal Harvard volunteers, the Larchmont, New York, couple has established a challenge fund to support House Renewal and the undergraduate experience, with the goal of helping alumni extend the impact of their philanthropy. Later, in 1964, on The Twilight Zone episode "Black Leather Jackets," he was cast as an alien who falls in love with a human being portrayed by Shelley Fabares. If anything, it's accelerated, and you're seeing continued nationalism, populism, and decoupling between U.S. and China. They've got unbelievably smart leaders, all involved trying to help out. He also worked at Goldman Sachs. So, you know, it’s not about who is the face of the firm. We don’t report the same way that a simple manufacturer does. Brian London, And if there's one thing that I think all of us have to appreciate is the impact of COVID is very different based on your perspective and where you sit and where you are. Scott Miller: Well Kewsong, we're so delighted you made time to come on this program. So I went to work for a firm that doesn’t exist anymore called First Boston, which was swallowed up by Credit Suisse. And being able to add up was helpful. No doubt there's a lot of uncertainty, but it's what makes America great is we've always figured out how to navigate through this type of stuff. And it speaks to the thing you were talking about before about video culture. Copa America 2020 Tv Rights Usa, And it's also going to be hard for people that might have a hard time speaking up in meetings to speak up in meetings. This is just basic respect for each other. You can see the complete history of Mr. Lee stock trades at the bottom of the page. And everybody recognizes that in order to be excellent investment advisers, we have to be a fabulous business. Private equity is an old turn of phrase for what we are really doing. BM When you were younger, is this where you saw your career going? It specializes in corporate private equity, real assets, and private credit. We should be tough in order to make sure that our rights are being protected, and similarly on their side. In my mind, over the long term this isn't great. So if you think about it, of course you need great people. Clearly, we restarted, and it's going to be great to see if this progress can continue, but I do think there are more ... in certain cities, certain real stumbling blocks and more medium, longer term, real issues that as a nation, we're going to have to figure out how to tackle, especially as it relates to data privacy, liability issues, et cetera. We have four segments that each would be an industry leader on its own and collectively are incredibly strong. Different vendors, supply chains, different technology. Of course you need connectivity. The key then is making sure the founders understand and agree with what their role is. In fact, we can attract better management talent. Kewsong Lee: The one great thing about America and capitalism is, our folks adapt, and so who knows how people adapt and come up with great new ways to deal with adversity in order to propel their businesses. But also, there are issues with respect to data. Like I said, we need to make sure that all voices are heard as we try to get that ecosystem going again. Whereas with respect to Europe and the US, in large part, a lot of stimulus has already occurred just to keep folks in jobs or just to sustain businesses as a bridge to get the economy going. Marcel van Poecke, who is going to head up our energy business around the world, is one of the foremost investors around the world. We still have an executive committee that the three founders are on. As well-known as they are, they are incredibly humble people.

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