To this end HIM makes Junior a deal, if he comes to work for him as his protégé he will have power beyond his imagination, exceeding that of both of his parents but above all he will have his sister back. Grim Tales from Down Below: Attack On Walker. As far as Grim is concerned Minnie should have been born as a Reaper like him and her brother and is therefore not his daughter. As soon as Mina was on the ground Mimi threw a house above her and Vlad the Count called out to Mina to use her mist powers. Nergal contacts Junior and observes the situation and decides that there is only one solution to end this predicament and that is for Junior to "Pucker up and Give her some Sugar." Mandy also wanted to give it a try, switching places with Grim.

Meanwhile Creeper and his goons catch up to the twins, and seeing as how they don't appear to be ghosts they decide to get some entertainment out of beating them up. A fight commences between the two, Skyla getting caught in between. The grammar of the comic also went downhill, some sentences not being structured right, and words being misspelled. Predictably Skulker easily disables Mimi with a tasergun. At the same time Minnie and Junior are still fighting, Minnie exo-suit giving a powerful punch against Junior in his Nergaling suit and continues to slam him down to the floor. The cat Chi uses Mimi's cell phone to call and reunite with her larger counterpart back in her room. Demongo comes in and is soon made into a makeshift tension ball for Chi.

Snapping, Junior declares that he's had enough as he assumed a new four armed Nergal form and cuts the saws to pieces with a new scythe. This event possibly occurred before they went to Halloween Town.

Talk (0) Share. It is Grim's belief one way or another that Mandy is going to go to war with Him's realm, and if she thinks it necessary, the rest of the underworld. Mandy was a vicious little child who hated the world around her, although morbid she never wore goth clothing instead opting for a pink dress, she's also over domineering which managed to reduce Grim, the lord of death, to a slave. Looking through her things he discovered plans listing details for something call "operation freedom" checking the date on the plans, September 11th 2001 Grim realized that it was today. A guard spots the pair and after informing Mandy and Minnie goes to get the guards but Minnie instructs him not to bother: Minnie explains that for some reason she can't fathom Junior has taken the responsibility to protect Mimi and dealing with her is his burden alone. "Jokes" aside Junior questions why the twins are trying to kill each other, according to Dani they were having another argument about how they treat each other. Jeff reminds HIM that today is Mimi's birthday.

As of the first GTFO chapter, NeoEdensKing writes the story.

When Manny asks what happened to Dani Drax explains that her life force is being drained and added to his Harvester machine, a fate that Manny will share. It's a small story of 68 pages (Title Not Counted) of a non-cannon tale from the Snafu Comic Series Grim Tales. Unfortunately Raven's horrible version of Happy Birthday pushes Mimi over the edge who starts a food fight with Raven by dropping her cake on Raven via telekinesis. To this end she is activating every singular trap inside the castle, ranging from axe wielding knight robots to pit-traps. Demongo awakens Chi and for his troubles is sliced to pieces by the annoyed cat like demon. Meanwhile Boogieman has pinned Minnie down and is in the process of ripping her apart, Junior however able to use a discarded Nergal wing to reap Boogieman.

Mandy is a main character in Grim Tales. Junior realizes he is still in battle and King says to focus on that and meet with him later.

Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Either way he wants Grim to know he won't have anything to do with child support since he hates kids anyway, something Grim agrees with him on seeing as how he's a bully and a jerk. With Chi now properly dressed Aku goes to attend her meeting with HIM, instructing Demongo to keep Chi out of trouble. Once finished, she slices her mirror, which displayed a drawing of Mimi, in half. Manny feels Dani's pain and luckily both he and Junior are already on their way. I hope you all enjoy.

Arguing with Billy was never a pleasant thing to do. Eltros interrupts their conversation to talk with Chi who demands he takes his mask of.

Regardless Chi believes that if the castle's interior and residents are as "feeble" as it's exterior then they have nothing to worry about and that Mandy's reputation in particular has been greatly exaggerated. The Mayor introduces the crowd to the rulers of the realm the Grim Family, receiving applause in response. Mandy scolds her daughter for hesitating in cutting down Junior and Mimi, going so far as to call her weak and pathetic. Minnie is down on the ground and Junior claims his victory as he stabs through Minnie, reaping her soul. Grim Jr. is sleeping on a rock somewhere in the Underworld when he is awoken by rather nasty dream involving his sister whom declares that she should have left him to die. Minnie and Oogie draw their fencing swords, Minnie making her's with her Nergaling powers, and prepare to battle. At the same time Minnie arrives from Heaven and Clockwork rejoins the others, with a theatre sized portion of pop corn he states that he is going to enjoy what happens next. Mandy, in a rare motherly moment, also leaves Junior additional instructions to keep Mimi and Minnie safe. The major problems with the comic received from this point is the insertion of many references that serve no point to the story, first notable in the 'Harlem Shake' in Further Orientation. Blossom, Mimi's mother, soon arrives on scene to rescue her daughter, unfortunately HIM brings out his trump card, a massive monster form with which he easily defeats Blossom.

Meanwhile Manny and Dani have taken advantage of Drax taking five minuets to inform Empheles that "he is Stoopid" to bring out their new trump card: Dani has used her self-replicating powers to create 7 clones of herself and Manny while all the Manny's blast the pair with his Ghostly Wail. I really like your sketchy drawing style, very detailed too.

Array 07/02/2020. Grim does not wish to break Junior's heart by telling him the truth about Minnie's disappearance but Mandy points out that he's grown up from the child that would have bent to their every whim and he'll be furious with them when he finds out. Asking Grim why he hasn't reaped her yet he claims that it's because of their deal. Mandy insults Grim, saying he has sunk to a new low, he is Death personified and yet he refuses to kill someone that by his own admittance hates, loathes, and despises with every fiber of his being, jokingly suggesting that he's going to kill her for her insults to him.

A chapter titled Afterbirth has been leaked on the internet. One day while at a BBQ in Billy's backyard Mandy confronted Grim again, violently, and forced him to show her her hour glass, which as it turns out is empty. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Finally getting rid of the army personnel Dexter tells Jeff to come out, questioning if the preparations are complete as Mimi's birthday party begins. Though this chapter is non-canon and is unlikely to be included in the main comic. Hunson convinces HIM to throw Mimi the party on the condition that male strippers are present and that she's ready and rested for tomorrow's missions. There he reminisces about their tear jerking separation three years ago: Junior was beginning to lose control of his powers and choose to leave in order to protect his family, especially Minnie who was heartbroken to lose him. Other reapers also comment on Junior being an abomination, not even doing the real fighting while Junior and the Nergaling claim to be a team. She is the mother of Grim Jr. and Minimandy (and Daniela and Manny Phantom in the non-canon chapter Afterbirth). Alarmed he hits the panic button throwing the castle into a alarm, interrupting Mandy in the shower, Grim writing his memoir, and Minnie and Junior in their game of Twister.

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