She doesn’t know when she could turn into her real self again. It's the best time to transfer cultivation to him. Eternal Love of Dream | Eternal Love of Dream 三生三世枕上书 Trailer | Watch first 3 eps FREE on Viu now! Si Ming and Cheng Yu meet up with Fengjiu. Guchou takes away a piece of Fengjiu’s shadow. Youngest daughter of the Fox King. He sees Fengjiu through the mirror, but cannot recognize that she's the fox that he's looking for. A’Lanruo and Chang Di's birth father. Fengjiu tries to let everything goes like the past by…, Rumors of Dong Hua and Fengjiu's love begins to spread. Having been saved by Emperor Dong Hua from a vicious monster attack, Princess of Qingqiu, Bai Fengjiu becomes immensely indebted to him. The new Eunuch defends for…, Song Xuanren and Fengjiu continue to study the mechanism of the tomb. Dong Hua's foster cousin. Cheng…, Someone reports that they have found the woman who fell into water. That’s why Dong Hua is with…, Miao Luo wants to get back the energy from Fengjiu. UGH HELP SO EXCITED. 0/63. The series began filming in June 2018 at Hengdian World Studios, and wrapped up in November 2018.[10][11]. Yan Chiwu recovers Ji Heng’s memory. Chang Di who is wearing the clean clothes of Fengjiu gets chased. Fengjiu and Yan Chiwu fall down from the cliff, and bump into Xiang Limeng, the Second Prince of the inseparable king birds. That is, until Dong Hua manages to take Feng Jiu back. Wishing the drama team lotsa success! marquis with roots in the military. Dong Hua did not explain anything but simply gives Fengjiu a ring. The 2017 production is such an epic that it would be hard for any spin-offs … She likes Xu Yang. Dong Hua borrowed Xi Ze's identity when he entered A’Lanruo's dream. First things first, the long awaited and most guesstimated airing of, has already been announced for a January 22 premier. He loves to drink and wishes to live a carefree life. Have been waiting for this adaption for years now. One day, Feng Jui is attacked by a savage beast while seeking cultivation in the mountains and is saved by the first Emperor of Heaven, Dong Hua (Vengo Gao). He is sworn brothers with Yan Chi Wu. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME. Shop. An immortal who is brought from the mortal realm to the Nine Heavens by the Heaven Lord. Maid of Taichen Palace. Feng Jiu and Dong Hua’s story begins when Dong Hua rescues her from a monster that attacked her whilst practicing her cultivation in the mountains. Former Archmage of the Biyi Bird tribe. Wife of Bai Zhi. Fengjiu…, Fengjiu is cooking the sweet and sour fish for Zhi He. She has great culinary skills. Unfortunately, Dong Hua has never experienced what love is. Ashes of Love. This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:39. She helped cast Dong Hua's shadow into the Meng Vin valley, and created one of the souls to be Shen Ye. On the other hand, Fengjiu is…, Dong Hua is still thinking of the little fox in the past. Time passes by, destiny doesn't…, Lord of Nether World Xie Guchou decides to help Fengjiu for the sake of her love for Dong Hua. SOMEONE HELP ME I'M GOING CRAZY AND MY FAMILY IS STARING AT ME BECAUSE I AM SQUEALING. *squeals into oblivion*. Fengjiu also gets to know that the musician is in fact Ji Heng. Dong Hua decides to accept the offer, and plans…, Fengjiu gets to know that Dong Hua is making a short knife. After he retreated to the mountains to heal, Dong Hua froze him in the mountains and took on his name in A’Lanruo's Dream. Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Episode 1; Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Episode 2; Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Episode 3; Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Episode 4 Archmage of the Biyi Bird tribe. One of the Seven Lord of the Demon Clan. the drama has a new official English name now – Eternal Love of Dream. I'm excited non the less. Fengjiu doesn't know who Chen…, Su Moye explains the relationship between Aranya and Xi Ze to Fengjiu. Jika film gagal diputar atau subtitle tidak keluar silahkan gunakan Server 2 atau 3 untuk streaming dan nonton film online atau langsung download dari link yang sudah disediakan. It turns out Fengjiu is already dressed as a lady to meet up with Song Xuanren. Fourth son of the Fox King. She is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfill all of Shen Ye's wishes. Former Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe. The Empress becomes confused whether Fengjiu is simply innocent or cunning. Fengjiu mentions that Ji Heng is in the palace. An aquatic dragon deity who once served under Dong Hua. A well-known peach wine maker and a renowned doctor who resides in the peach blossoms forest. He has an obsession with furs. When he spots Miao Luo, he lets Fengjiu stay at where…, Dong Hua arranges to live with Fengjiu and spends a happy life. Lian Song is worried about Dong Hua, so he urges him to take a good rest. Plot Synopsis: The drama is a spinoff from Eternal Love – Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) and based on the book with the same name. Bai Yi's daughter and Bai Qian's niece. Second son of the Fox King. To repay him, Fengjiu follows Donghua around on his adventures to eliminate evil but unwittingly realizes that her feelings of gratitude towards him has turned to romantic. Fengjiu enters the dream of Ah Lan Ruo to search for the fruit that will be able to resurrect her friend. Eternal Love of Dream (2020) Genre: Drama; First Air Date: 2020-01-22; Last Air Date: 2020-03-26; Total Seasons: 1; Total Episodes: 56; Status: Returning Series; Episode Runtime: 45 min. Release Date: January 22, 2020. Not to be a hater or anything, sorry!!! She is rescued by the passing Emperor Donghua at the critical moment. Starting February 20, VIP can pay for advanced episodes every Thursday and catch the finale as early as March 5. in order to take a look at the life of Aranya. While fighting with Yan Chiwu, Dong Hua's Changhe Sword touches…, Meng Hao tries to rescue Ji Heng and Min Su, but sacrifices instead. But with Chen Ye's wish of her to cooperate, she agress to complete the life of Aranya. Why does this sound so different from the book we have read? Dong Hua smells it and comes to the Kitchen. Fengjiu is sent to the prison, while everyone demands…, When Song Xuanren and Song Xuanying are fighting against each other, Fengjiu recognizes the Demon Knife. This is a set up from Ju Nuo and Chang Di. Fengjiu enters the dream of Ah Lan Ruo to search for the fruit that will be able to resurrect her friend. Third prince of the Nine Heavens. Xiang Limeng Realizes Fengjiu's True Identity. [3], The series surpassed 190 million views on the first day of release,[4][5] and over 1 billion views in just a week. He accidentally hurt his hand while preparing, so Fengjiu takes care of his wound for him. He was locked up on Mount Bai Shui, where he first met Ji Heng and died saving her, asking Dong Hua to take care of her in his place. Eternal Love of Dream (Chinese: 三生三世枕上书; pinyin: San Sheng San Shi Zhen Shang Shu), also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, is a 2020 Chinese television series starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Weiguang. I was so happy when they announced that this was coming out in late 2018 because I had total second lead syndrome in TMOPB (but I still love the main couple, of course). Sigh. Though she's his wife, Aranya had never seen Xi Ze for once.…, Fengjiu's plan is going smoothly. In order to requite, Fengjiu insists on following Donghua and fighting against the demon Miaoluo. Eternal Love of Dream Episode 56 Player kami berjalan optimal di CHROME. All of a sudden, Red-fire Beast starts to attack everyone. Legend of Fuyao. He is actually Dong Hua's shadow sent to guard the Hui Ming Realm. Xiangli Meng's cousin. She has a crush on Donghua but remains a loyal friend to Fengjiu. Having been saved by Emperor Dong Hua from a vicious monster attack, Princess of Qingqiu, Bai Fengjiu becomes immensely indebted to him. A’Lanruo's husband (in name), and Shen Ye's teacher. Eternal Love Of Dream (三生三世枕上书) or Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book is a story of the second couple, Dong Hua Di Jun and Bai Feng Jiu, which was featured in Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. Chiwu is not pleased that Ji Heng has become the wife of a King from the mortal realm.…, The Empress orders Song Xuanren to proclaim a Queen. If it was Feng Jiu who had done that (don't worry, I'm not spoiling it for you guys), he would've forgiven her right away, and she's his long-time "foster sister"! Eternal Love of Dream Episode 28. First things first, the long awaited and most guesstimated airing of Eternal Love of Dream also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 has already been announced for a January 22 premier. She was originally cruel to A’Lanruo but felt guilty after her death and later changed her attitude towards her when she became queen. Yup, you read it right – the 22nd so leave a reminder to clear up your calendar for Wednesday if you want to catch this! I loved her in TMOPB, but she's just plain immature in this, literally hurt innocent Ji Heng two times. Dong Hua then accompanies her while she's asleep. But when Xuanren demands her to reveal everything, Fengjiu remains silent as she cannot reveal…, Song Xuanren hopes to make up for Fengjiu by rewarding her. Dong Hua soon feels that Miao Luo is near them and becomes anxious. Lian Song tells him to Qingqiu to look for a woman to marry, as the little fox should be among the people there. . Unfortunately I think it's different script writers from TMPB. Dong Hua is the Emperor of the Three Realms, taking charge of life and death among the six worlds. This is making me dislike the main characters and if one of them gets hurt or something I will NOT be sad. Fengjiu leaves…, Miao Luo understands that she has no chance to leave the starlight ward, so she plans to kill Dong Hua and let them perish together. He is Feng Jiu's friend whom helped her create Aranya. Fengjiu feels that there's something wrong with Dong Hua. The first heavenly emperor of the Heaven Clan; the man who united the world. Former King of Biyi Bird tribe. She fights back the attack for Xuanren, and warns Xuanren and Ye Qingti to…, Nie Chuyin gives the soul-locking jade to Miao Luo, but Miao Luo to not do anything for the time being. The girl in Qingqiu, Feng Jiu, is attacked by a monster when she is cultivating in the mountains. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2019 GoMov ( LayarTancap ) - All Rights Reserved - Brew. Cast. Crown prince of the Biyi Bird tribe, who later become Qing Hua's puppet emperor. Eternal Love of Dream 632 Views. Ruler of the Green Demon Clan. I'M GOING THROUGH A MAJOR BREAKDOWN OF BOTH DISAPPOINTMENT AND EXCITEMENT. A free-spirited man who is known for his playboy and gossipy tendencies. Zhe Yan discovers that Fengjiu is pregnant. Ji Heng's adopted brother. When Dong Hua gets…, "Fengjiu doesn't want to rescue Ju Nuo, but Su Moye insists she should as this greatly affects the end of Aranya. June 2, 2020 by Drama Addict Leave a Comment. I've been waiting for this for so long. A female scholar at the Royal Academy. [ENG SUBS] Summary. When Fengjiu wins the tournament, she only…, Fengjiu lost some of her memory because of the Dream of Aranya. He also explains to Fengjiu that he has never liked Ji Heng.…, Chen Ye is the one who created Dream of Aranya. Fengjiu’s action has intervened Dong Hua’s hardship. Zhi He banishes it to the mortal realm as a punishment and sends Fengjiu to repent in the Imperial Kitchen. Eternal Love. OMG OMG OMG IT'S TOMORROW! He shares a special relationship with Zhe Yan. Ruler of the Red Demon Clan. A’Lanruo's cousin, who fell in love with her at first sight. Eternal Love of Dream Episode 55 Engsub. Ruler of the Demon Clan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SOMEBODY PINCH ME I MUST BE DREAMING!!!! The series airs on Tencent Video starting January 22, 2020. She was created from the dark energy seeping out of the Hui Ming Realm. 9.7 /10 from 10 users. He is revered by many, even as he appeared cold and indifferent.

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