The Big Show also did a live in-ring promo talking about his entry in the Rumble match. The Big Boss Man was an American professional wrestler who appeared in WWF/WWE games. Chyna attempted a pin, but Holly returned and threw her out of the ring. Frustrated, Triple H finally hit Jack with a brutal second Pedigree onto the thumbtacks to win, and retain his title. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. Jack gained the early advantage after repeated punches, and they fought outside the ring, where Triple H hit Jack with the ring bell. Edge is a Canadian professional wrestler who has appeared in many WWE games.

[3], The second match was the first-ever Tag Team Tables match, between the Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) and the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley). Results were predetermined by WWF's writers, with storylines produced on their weekly television shows, Raw and SmackDown!.[11][12]. Ken Shamrock is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Active promotion in the Americas region. This was ignored and the Rock was declared the winner as planned.

"Hardcore" Bob Holly is a retired American professional wrestler who has appeared in WWE games. ^ At the end of the match, the Big Show was about to throw the Rock over the top rope. Angle passed out and Tazz won the match, ending Angle's undefeated streak. Kane is a retired American professional wrestler. For 2000, the winner earned a match for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania 2000. Summary. ended in a double pinfall, both were declared co-champions. [9][10], The card consisted of six matches. Kane hit an enzuigiri, and a scoop slam on The Big Show, but X-Pac then eliminated Kane with a spinning heel kick. "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman is a retired professional wrestler who appears in WWE games. Gangrel is an American professional wrestler who appears in several WWE games. Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler who has appeared in WWE and TNA games. The pay-per-view was preceded by an episode of Sunday Night Heat, which aired live on USA Network and included backstage interviews from Madison Square Garden as well as several participants drawing their entry numbers for the Royal Rumble match.


Foley and Triple H fought in a four-on-four tag team match later that night. It uses the AKI engine and was released on the N64 at the height of WWF's "Attitude Era." send you an email once approved. The Rock eliminated X-Pac, but the referees were preoccupied with Kane and did not see this. What's happening, you ask?

WWF Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling video game released in 2000 for arcades and the Dreamcast. Matt moved as Bubba Ray fell through the tables. During Kaientai's second interference, Taka was injured when he was thrown out of the ring, and sent to the hospital. An upset Kaientai and The Mean Street Posse were shown backstage not being able to draw numbers because they were denied entry into the Rumble match.

After using the chair, Matt placed Bubba Ray on a table outside the ring. X-Pac hit The Big Show with a Bronco buster, but The Big Show eliminated him with a gorilla press drop, leaving The Rock and The Big Show. ...something wonderful. They were thrown out soon after each time. NXT Cruiserweight Championship. NXT North American Championship. As the judges were deciding, Mae Young appeared, and announced her participation in the contest. The Hardy Boyz then placed D-Von on a table outside the ring. Chyna countered a belly to back suplex, and performed a low blow to Jericho. [3], The third match was a Triple Threat match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship between Hardcore Holly, and co-champions Chris Jericho and Chyna.

The Big Boss Man, the ninth entrant, refused to enter the ring until Test, the following entrant, threw him in. 666 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope [Vinny's View], Ep. After a title match between Chyna and Jericho on the December 30 episode of SmackDown!

The matches resulted from scripted storylines, where wrestlers portrayed heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters to build tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation professional wrestling promotion and its yearly Royal Rumble event. Matt then performed a diving leg drop as Jeff performed a diving splash (known as the Event Omega) on Bubba Ray through the table.

Jack attempted to use a barbed wire two-by-four, but Triple H performed a low blow, and used the weapon on Jack. Jericho performed a springboard splash to Holly outside the ring. Faarooq then executed a spinebuster on Dogg. Back in the ring, Chyna performed a handspring back elbow, and a DDT to Jericho. The match went back and forth before Holly sent Chyna outside the ring. [3], The main event was the Royal Rumble match. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn is a retired professional wrestler who has appeared in WWE games. [5][6][7], The Royal Rumble is an annual gimmick pay-per-view, produced every January by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) since 1988. [14], The first match of the event was between Kurt Angle and an unannounced opponent. After avoiding an attack in the corner, Bradshaw performed the Clothesline from Hell on Gunn.

Jack performed a pulling Texas piledriver on the announce table, and spilled a bag of thumbtacks in the ring.

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Traditionally, the winner of the match earns a world championship match at that year's WrestleMania.

Despite tension between Jericho and Chyna, the two were forced to work together and helped each other retain the title, including in title defenses against Hardcore Holly, who challenged Jericho and Chyna to a Triple Threat match to resolve the title situation. NXT Championship.

After Faarooq, the eighteenth entrant, entered, non-participants Mean Street Posse came out, and attacked Faarooq, helping The Big Boss Man eliminate him. The Royal Rumble aired live, with commercial breaks—a format that was changed for later PPVs on Channel 4. He was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. The event has been named as one of the top 15 WWE events of all times by the WWE,[4] with the Street Fight match being critically acclaimed among various reviewers. Released Oct 31, 1999. Angle fell onto the top turnbuckle, and Tazz performed a belly to belly suplex off the turnbuckles. The Hardy Boyz gained the advantage with a double superplex to Bubba Ray, and the use of a ladder. Punk Big Show Scott […]

While initially showing respect, the Dudley Boyz attacked the Hardy Boyz during their match on the January 24 episode of Raw is War. The main feud going into the event was between Triple H and Mick Foley. Angle gained the advantage after performing a vertical suplex outside the ring. Ep. 2018-Present. Jack attacked Triple H's head repeatedly with the weapon.

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