This section will be updated regularly as assignments are added. Finale includes hundreds of ready-made, educator-approved, music education worksheets. endstream endobj 1.1 – Notes on the staff1.2 – The treble clef and supplemental worksheet1.3 – The bass clef and supplemental worksheet1.4 – Staff systems1.5 – Octave registers1.6 – Notes on the keyboard (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)1.7 – Accidentals1.8 – Review and Exam 11.9 – Appendix 1: Alto and tenor clefs, 2.1 – Introduction to rhythm2.2 – Pulse, meter, and measures2.3 – Common time2.4 – 8th notes and 16th notes2.5 – Dotted rhythms2.6 – Ties2.7 – Rests2.8 – Dynamics2.9 – Articulations2.10 – 2/4 and 3/4 meter2.11 – Different beat units2.12 – 6/8 meter2.13 – More compound meters2.14 – Review and Exam 22.15 – Appendix 2: Asymmetrical meters, 3.1 – The C major scale3.2 – Other major scales3.3 – Diatonic functions of the scale3.4 – The circle of 5ths3.5 – Major key signatures3.6 – The natural minor scale3.7 – Harmonic and melodic minor scales3.8 – Major or minor?3.9 – Modes3.10 – Review and Exam 3, 4.1 – Basic intervals4.2 – Seconds and thirds (Part 1, Part 2)4.3 – Perfect intervals and inversions4.4 – 6ths, 7ths, and all inversions4.5 – Intervals in the major scale4.6 – Intervals in the minor scale4.7 – Review and Exam 44.8 – Appendix 3: Frequency and consonance, 5.1 – Triads5.2 – Triad alterations5.3 – Triads in a key context5.4 – Inversions and doubling5.5 – 7th chords in the major key5.6 – 7th chords in the minor key5.7 – 7th chord inversions5.8 – Analyzing arpeggios and doubled notes5.9 – Non-chord tones5.10 – Split-bass chords5.11 – Review and Exam 55.12 – Appendix 4: Introduction to jazz chords, 6.1 – From chords to context6.2 – Keyboard style and part-writing6.3 – The tonic-dominant relationship6.4 – The cadential 6/46.5 – The pre-dominant6.6 – Tonic expansion6.7 – Cadences6.8 – Introduction to structure6.9 – Song structure in contemporary music6.10 – Review and Exam 6, Grace Music © Copyright 2019 – Site by Grace at Work, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. When you raise a minor interval a half step it becomes a major interval. Whereas, a dissonant sound feels tense and in need of resolution. 1.1 – Notes on the staff 1.2 – The treble clef and supplemental worksheet 1.3 – The bass clef and supplemental worksheet 1.4 – Staff systems 1.5 – Octave registers

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