better reel where it winds up. White die MANAGING DIRECTOR To counteract that phenomenon, there needs to be a way to automatically change the ratio of the rpm of the take-up spool to the rpm of the spinning bobbin platform. Also, how fast do you wind up your fuse relative to the speed of the dies? It can easily make a foot of visco fuse per minute and it is possible to make even more. Step 12 (optional): if you would like to make your machine wind its own fuse onto a role, I would suggest building an automatic winding mechanism. Step ten: Place the completed turn table # 1 on the second shelf from the top, make sure that it is secured by the four screws sticking out from the board it will be resting on. How to Pimp Out Your Myspace Page With a Div Overlay. Onetouch This is a comparison of the fuse with no sugar inside (left one) and Continue by tying the next set of 8 spools of thread onto turn table #2, at this moment there should be a total of 20 threads tied to the thin wire. Step four: Using a � inch cone shaped router bit drill an inverse cone (pointing inward) in the center of the dowel. 30 inch supports: the four long pillars at each corner (supports in picture are 36 inch)Drive shaft: the long dowel (when you build this make sure to add a crank or handle on to it at the top. Most of Step one: Unclamp the two pieces of wood. Second (blue) threads SKYPE ID NASEEM0012 As long as the pulleys are the same size for both turntables - you can crank it either fast or slow - does not make a difference. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. See the original thread [] - It is now powered by a What do you tie the threads to if no automatic winder. At the intersection of these two points is the center drill a hole with a slightly larger diameter than 1 � inch as to allow the bottom section of the die to spin freely in it. Once Nice design! threads. A wide variety of visco fuses options are available to you, such as cake, toy firework, and display shell. One of these pieces will be the base, two will each hold one of the two turn tables containing the dies, and the last will hold the funnel and tracer threads. Step Five: At the marks made in step three on the 30 inch pieces of wood, using screws, mount the two boards with the holes in them, it should start to look like the picture at the top of this page. M/S BENAZIR TRADERS Typical diameters are 1/16, 3/32, or 1/8 inch, or 1 or 2 mm. I'm an artist, about to pay an engineer (not necessarily a pyro engineer) to build me a machine based on the above design. Liuyang Pioneer Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jinshengke Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Wuhan Zhenguan Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Tangcheng Hardware & Houseware Co., Ltd. Yueqing Yirui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Keruida Electric Porcelain And Appliance Co., Ltd. Liuyang Dream Fireworks Manufacturing Display Co., Ltd. Huizhou Yungu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yujie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Jinhua Nage Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Wuge Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Jiaozuo Fudeli Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. Liling City Yovon Fireworks & Firecrackers Machine Factory, china visco fuse machine for fireworks supplier. Construct the frame as follows. A step-by-step guide to building a visco fuse machine similar to the one I built at home. with eight rolls of thread a piece. THANKS Path to lacquer cup from it. Will try to make a few fire works for next 4th of July. second photo,,

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