Aldehydra. You can select from three modes for pet behavior by clicking the three icons under its status bar: Your pet can wear an enchanted necklace and two magical rings for additional attack and defense benefits. An "imaginary pet" was originally developed by Runic Games, but not implemented in the final game. Similarly spells such as 'All Heal' should realistically be cast only when both the pet and it's owner are missing some health. #1. Yes. Assign these trinkets by pressing the "P" key to open the Pet Sheet and then left-clicking and dragging the rings and necklace into the necklace and ring slots. Best is to give him the level 1 frost (other levels of frost are just a waste, you need frost for the freeze, not for the damage), and level max allowed for summons (skelleton archers, skelleton fighters and zombies are all good choices). In Torchlight I you have your choice of two pets (dog and cat) or up to four pets in the retail version: The difference between the four basic pets is purely cosmetic. Yes. If you've learned the spelled (right-clicked), and it still doesn't show up when you clicked on a hotbar space, then you likely just learned a passive bonus. Discover new Classes, Items, Maps, Pets, Monsters, Characters, Skills, Spells, Weapons and UI mods. You can select from three modes for pet behavior by clicking the three icons under its status bar: Pets now have their own equipment types; each pet can wear one collar and two tags. skeleton archer, silence, skeleton warrior...and one that I don't remember for now. "We're in town, I better heal my master as he's shopping for items. However, when pets are transformed by eating fish, they take on the stats and abilities of the creature they transformed into. I know it will use an offensive spell when encountering an enemy, but what happens with healing spells? I find Dervish and Elemental Shield particularly useful. Semantics ? Right-Click on the hotbar - than you can see all your things u can put in it. but back to the barter spell. As you say, there's little to no indication whether Silence is working or if the enemy simply chose not to use a skill at that instant. It makes it hard to plan the day, yeah... but i wish they could expand it a little like. Oh, he's looking through his stash now, I better heal him again." Mine is usually off selling things. I've never found it to matter all that much but healing spells didn't seem all that effective, so probably a waste if you use them. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. © Valve Corporation. That's what my pet's thoughts must look like for that's what it does. I'd rather take zero damage from a skill not used than receive a tiny amount of healing after. Welcome to Runic Games Fansite, the premier torchlight 1 and torchlight 2 modding community, courtesy of ModDrop. My pet has a higher auto attack dps, which makes their summons much more effective as of right now, but according to the wiki, the cooldown is twice as long, but Heal All 2 on me, and Heal All 3 on my pet both had a thirty second cooldown, so I can't tell. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The chakawary pet is exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade version. Two more were added with a patch in December 2012. Another example is Silence, perhaps it should only be cast once the pet has received damage from a spellcaster within the past second or maybe when there are spellcasters within range of the pet. I was just wondering how smart the pet is when using spells.. That and, does it matter what it's stance is when using the spell ie. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Set pet to aggressive and it started casting. An excuse is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence. aggressive, defensive, passive. 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