Unable to make the cut for the FIU soccer team, and unsure about his program of study, he turned to his father for guidance. But none have attempted anything as musically bold and innovative as turning those songs into a tropical pop fusion set to salsa. Orta gave Succar the sheet music, and although at the time Succar couldn’t read music that well, he recognized the song. From Miami to Latin America and from Jackson fans to salsa fans, Succar’s album is set to do exactly what its title describes: combine everything that is great into one musical experience that will unite the world.

(Afro-Peruvian instrument made from the jaw bone of an ass) picked out, approved and signed by me! (You can be one of the main zombies! His father Antonio Succar is a pianist and his mother Mimy Succar, a singer.

It wasn’t until a friend of a friend urged Nieves to listen to a track from the album that he realized the genius of Succar’s project. The client requested he close the show with Jackson’s iconic “Thriller.”, “I spent a lot of time listening to the rhythm of ‘Thriller.’ I wanted to contain the essence and fuse the instrumentation, orchestration and production of it.”. Tony Succar’s family tree resembles a music sheet peppered with notes representing generations of musicians and singers. Succar and his father scheduled an audition with the drum instructor, but instead found  Mike Orta, associate professor of jazz piano, rehearsing the Latin Jazz ensemble in the Wertheim Concert Hall. “When I got to hear that track [‘I Want You Back’], I said, ‘I want to meet this guy,’” said Nieves. “My dad insisted I audition for the School of Music,” said Succar. Music … It took him countless tries, pitches and phone calls to get the attention of world-renowned Latin recording artist.

However, Succar gave the FIU community a preview with a live performance of two songs from the album during the inaugural TEDxFIU. You’ll get a pro quijada! The 33-year-old percussionist, composer, and producer is perhaps best known for his “Unity” project, a Latin tribute to Michael Jackson . This project represents two years of work, with an incredible investment of his time and money. For Succar,  UNITY is more than a musical experiment that unites different elements. “I remember they would shoo me out of the practice room, for fear of damaging my hearing.”. The video trailer was viewed tens of thousands of times. Succar’s father convinced him to continue studying and earn a graduate degree. “I didn’t even think about music as a career, let alone a major.”. It wasn’t until a friend of a friend urged Nieves to listen to a track from the album that he realized the genius of Succar’s project.

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