In the game, the Kirito Mode … Bullet Deflector and Phantom Bullet Line. I still can't get this alleged Charm/Amulet that lets me access the true ending. This event happens if you choose to save Kureha in the final mission and due to this choice Zeliska will die. Get all of the ORIGINAL SAO Fatal Bullet Members Charm level to 4 with 75% Afasys Kureha Zeliska Itsuki and Bazalt Joe. Boss Item Drops. After you have completed everything above fight the last boss, evade its hyper beam and block the dark sphere attack and then attack to reduce its HP. Both of these skills are fairly useful so I’d recommend checking them out. One of the primary benefits of trying out and investing in the Kirito Mode is to gain access to romance. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kirito Mode Once unlocked, you should be able to start the Kirito Mode from Game Start on the Title Screen. Like before, after eliminating the player, evens will ensue. After the events, you need to retrace your steps back to the teleporter in the Lobby Area in order to start your next match. Heading to the area will allow you to initiate your first duel. Developer DIMPS and Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment have released their new latest game titled Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Basics Guide. Rank 7 Weapons List. You simply need to find the player near the horizontal borders of the map and eliminate. This will allow you to start the events. the quest name will change from Dead All to Fatal Bullet. In addition to this, you’ve the ability to carry your equipment and credits to your primary character. The game, however, does restrict you from altering Kirito’s stats, weapons, and your ability to play online. Once unlocked, you should be able to start the Kirito Mode from Game Start on the Title Screen. So, All the original Fatal Bullet characters are at 75%+ Rank 4 every other character is at rank 2 I've completed Kiritio mode I've done every green event I could find, and made them all vanish. Get all ORIGINAL SAO members Charm to at least 2. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - True Ending Guide, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - All Memories of X Items, New Treasure Box, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - PvP Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Best Level Up Grinding Area (Level 40-60+), Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - How to Unlock FPS. The base game includes two modes: the Main Story, which follows the player's custom character, and Kirito Mode, a mini-campaign focusing on Kirito where the Death Gun incident is adapted to fit the Gameverse. Required fields are marked *. The two modes are accompanied by side events, focusing both on the main Gameverse cast, and the Fatal Bullet original cast. There should be more correct? Playing the mode allows you to unlock two skills i.e. All Endings. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - True Ending Guide. Step One Raise your affinity level with all … Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation.

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