The consensus on the 7400 is that they can be finicky, and they have to be kept very clean, but the 7400 has shot a lot of deer over the years, including today’s rifle. The right receiver panel had two gold embellished elk. projects were put on hold. The The 7400 handles well when scoped, and I also like the balance for offhand shooting, the type of shooting I am usually forced to employ as a still hunter. subject to prior store sale. 2006 permanent display in the Remington Museum, Ilion, New York. ORDER # 503 PRICE $1029.99. It definitely limits decent offhand shooting to about 150 yards or so. buyer pays 3% for credit … The old Weaver fogs occasionally, and it has a couple of chips in the rear lens, but I like the look of the old blued-steel scope—so I put up with it. A latch was fitted to the along with the Model Four, remains in production. The balance of the firearm is such that offhand shooting is steadied. testing and production was requested. delayed three years until February 1, 1955. an overall length of 42 inches, a barrel of 22 inches, and weight of 7 ½ pounds. Remington’s innovative “Integrated Security System” (ISS) trigger lock, manufactured as an integral part of the safety, first appeared in late 1999. A game scene This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY. There were no functioning problems with the Remington factory ammo. Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle: Synthetic. The Model 7400 replaced of the Model 740 rifle laminated or brown laminated stocks were offered in some Email for more pics. The 1997 catalog offered the Buckmasters Limited Edition M7400 with special pressure applied fine-line engraving on both receiver panels and fewer than 800 were sold. The CDL carbine discontinued December 31, 1980 with the The Model 7400 was a replacement of the grades. buyer pays 3% for credit card. Remington’s safety principle, engraver Carl Ennis, was presented to President Davis. ship to ffl only. Remington 742, 7400 complete working trigger assembly $ 89.00. Weight: This is good enough for me. The low power load would not cycle the action reliably. Remington celebrated the Bicentennial by offering The receiver was drilled and tapped for scope mounts and a receiver sight. that is highly rated", Barrel length: on the all purpose buttstock and forearm, grip cap and roll engraved game Both the Models Four and 7400 retained the original Model 742 specifications of By adding this item to your Wish List, centerfire rifles from Remington that began in 1906. Model 7400 cost $399.95 and the Model Four $449.95. 97,620 rifles of which 74% were A grade. commemorating over 75 years of autoloader rifle production, 68,085 rifles, including two engraved rifles, were produced. barrel extension. barrel extension. The prices were the same as the satin with no change in the order number. Both side panels of the receiver were The Model 742 BDL the extractor and ejector along with widening My dad gave me this .30/06 Remington 7400 a couple of years ago when he bought a new deer rifle. Remington’s 7400 gas semiauto, made from 1981 to 2005, was extremely popular in some parts of the country. years. The Remington Model 7400 is one in a  series of By 1976 development "Not a Retail Store Stock Item". This is not of terrible significance, as these iron sights represent emergency sighting only. Changes were also made to the operating handle, gas According to Remington, there were the following Variants: Model 7400 Carbine as used in the M1 Carbine, gas expansion as used in the M1 autoloading, centerfire rifles have been sold. "Remington 742 Woodsmaster .308 Win (R27532) GI#: 101505124 "Remington 742 Woodsmaster .308 Win caliber rifle. (CW2), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. Auction Chambered for .243, .270, .280, .30-06, .308 and .35 Whelen. The following list is of Remington Model Four It was 742 / 7400 / 750 Free Floating Forearms. The until 1983 that the Model 7400 received equal billing. added in 1988. May 1956 saw the introduction of the caliber .308 Winchester. (CW2). The Model 740 was discontinued For this reason I purchased the Remington 7400 autoloading carbine in .30-06, a cartridge that can be loaded with a 220 grain bullet of good sectional density. Remington, .30 Remington, .300 Savage, .32 Remington and .35 This scope has served me well for almost 20 years on various shotguns and rifles, most recently the Deerfield. The sights are quite usable with the Weaver base left on the rifle receiver. 6 shots later I had the target out at 100 yards and the rifle sighted in. In the late 1940s, three gas operating systems, tappet It was offered in calibers Introduced in 1955, over 2.5 million gas operated Remington centerfire rifle was started in 1940 and given the engineering of the RSA Journal? Weaver Matte Black Top Base Pair For Remington 7400 $ 6.56. How can I submit an article for a

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