SpongeBob • Urp | A clueless Patrick causes all kinds of problems with the ride, sending Pearl and SpongeBob on a dangerous journey through the tunnel. We gave her really great custom platform sneakers- sort of Spice Girls meets Frankenstein, we designed some custom Electric Skates (her favorite band) merch for her to wear, and gave her a whale-ish pompadour. Pearl's mother has somehow left Bikini Bottom, although the details are unclear. Randolphoran •

Ketta • The scene where a girl in a white dress is chased by a giant apple is a reference to the. Luna • This is the first episode to premiere on a Wednesday. On the night of Pearl's slumber party, Mr. Krabs creates a long list of rules that will keep her and his money safe. Mrs. When SpongeBob volunteers to help her get fired, she gives him a bone-crushing hug and says, "Gosh, you'd really do that for me?

The SpongeBob SquarePants 8 Season DVD Collection, https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/The_Chaperone?oldid=3358028. Family Michelangelo • This version is a three-dimensional, plush/felt rendition of her normal look. Mr. Turner •

Chase • In the 2016 Chicago previews, she was played by Emmy Raver-Lampman. Sparky • Dunglap • She also sports barnacle-crafted white go-go boots. When Pearl and SpongeBob are at Glove World, SpongeBob inadvertently supports this by saying "Well, I am a boy, and I am her friend."

Mako • Being a whale, she shakes the ground whenever she tries to perform a cheerleading act and endangers whoever is in the same building as her.  ‣ Lonely Violin - Dick Stephen Walter [Pearl crying/Pearl crying again] "The Slumber Party" best exemplifies how excessive he can be when it comes to protecting Pearl. He says to SpongeBob while eating it, "Pearl doesn't make 'em as good as you do, though.". She wishes she could spend her teenage years with good friends and become popular, but her peers are all too shallow to accept her for who she is. At one of Pearl's earliest birthday parties, all of her guests had to share one balloon. Sherm CohenAaron SpringerPeter Burns as a warning to take cover from Pearl's crying. One of the many canon SpongeBob SquarePants products has already revealed who Pearl’s mother is, though her story still has more gaps that need to be filled.

Judy Neutron • Sperm whale Carlota Casagrande • Prototype Theme parks Lil •

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Private, Dudley Puppy • However, she comes to think that it is a great role after Mr. Krabs tells her that "Mermaid Man wouldn't be anywhere without you."

Only baleen whales have them.

Carlino Casagrande • Puff and Mr. Krabs' date. Gorilla • Pearl and SpongeBob after escaping the Tunnel of Glove. Chronology

Full Name The picture shows him pointing to a whale diagram instead of a squirrel and smiling. Puff (It's Pretty Twisted). Her favorite things to do at Grandma's Apron include sitting in a rocking chair, dusting tchotchkes, baking cookies, and knitting all kinds of clothes for herself. CatDog's Parents •

Kitty Katswell • Larry the Lobster, Lincoln • Lucy • Leif Bornwell III • [6] Pearl was named after the phrase mother-of-pearl, a common term for the inner layer of some sea-dwelling mollusks' shells. It is revealed in "Bubble Troubles" that she holds air in her nose in order to breathe when underwater. Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean Enemies Truman X • Mr. Krabs asks her what's wrong, and she explains that her prom date has just dumped her, and the high school prom is tomorrow night. He then suggests she take Squidward or one of the restaurant's customers to the prom, but she continues crying, w…

"That is so coral!" Season №: Descendants: Pearl •

Peter Patrick and Persian Puss |

With no idea how to raise a child, he gives her one measly dollar as an allowance. Pearl Krabs However, the worm takes a liking to his clarinet playing and wins Squidward over. He was inspired to create Pearl while working at the Ocean Institute in California, where he tended to a whale skeleton exhibit and supervised whale watches. In some scenes, Pearl's pupils are briefly colored black instead of the usual blue. However, it ends up taking them as well.

Pearl is one of the few characters with one eye on each side of her head, meaning she has monocular vision. There is a fan theory, this hasn't been confirmed by anyone from the show, but it does seem rather likely. Goodness •  ‣ Lonely Violin - Dick Stephen Walter [Pearl cries] Pearl is voiced by Lori Alan. Puff, which is a good sign for the romantic relationship between Pearl's father and Mrs. In SpongeBob ParadePants, Karen tells Plankton to trick Pearl and Mr. Krabs with his "You Will Obey!" "One Coarse Meal" reveals that Pearl does not eat plankton. Pearl has five ventral pleats on her neck, usually drawn as five lines with the middle one longer than the rest. Pearl is voiced by Lori Alan. Kitty the Hapless Cat | Plankton • "Party Pooper Pants" shows that Pearl and Mrs. The in-universe difference in species between Pearl and Mr. Krabs has never been addressed in an episode, but the official trivia book states that Pearl takes after her unseen mother, who was also a whale. The Chaperone error in the Lost at Sea DVD. Lynn Sr. • Roxy, Po • The species disparity between Pearl and her adoptive father has never been explained in the series, as late creator Stephen Hillenburg was against solving this mystery.

He spends an entire night preparing to ensure it will be a special prom for Pearl, showing that he really cares for her. Pearl sometimes wears a pink tiara along with this dress. In Hillenburg's first sketch of the main SpongeBob characters, Pearl had flukes (a tail) and pigtails. She is too embarrassed to explain herself, leading Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob to start investigating who "ruined" Pearl's party. When SpongeBob asks what is wrong, there is a window on the door that goes to Mr. Krabs' office, rather than an anchor, but the anchor is back in a later shot. Pearl has gray skin and is very tall compared to the other characters. Mrs. Turner • It is unknown if Pearl ever knew her mother, but her immediate objection to the idea of a stepmom implies she does not want a replacement.

Pearl rêve d'être une star. He is concerned for both her well-being and what she does to his house and wallet.

Herb | Lana • This is first hinted in "The Chaperone" when SpongeBob and Pearl are about to embrace but he startles them and yells, "Stay away from me precious flower!" Pearl is one of the main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical, the 2017 musical based on the series. Pearl usually dreads having to celebrate Parents Day because her father is so awkward.[21]. Stella, Leonardo • She calls him "Uncle Squiddy. General information However, it’s unknown if she died or if she and Mr. Krabs are divorced, as she hasn’t been mentioned in the series – and the reason for that is that Hillenburg was strongly against revealing the identity of Pearl’s mom, and so it remains a secret in the series. Robo-Dog • Breakfast food is life and coffee is what makes the world go round.

From shop shaggyclothes.

[22] She is gifted in math, which is why Mr. Krabs would like it if she became a bookkeeper for his restaurant. Pearl has been arrested once. Tenzin, SwaySway • With Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown.

Saraline Timbers • The opening credits look similarly different in this episode, as the sand and rocks background have some more brightness, the text looks darker blue, and the waves are darker. Jelly, Ansi Molina •

Though SpongeBob SquarePants has already gone against some of Hillenburg’s demands, such as having guest stars, Pearl’s mom doesn’t seem like one that won’t be respected, as it adds a lot of mystery not only to the series but to Mr. Krabs and Pearl, and will keep viewers wondering about what Mrs. Krabs looks like and what happened to her. Elle est souvent énervée par la radinerie de son père et aime dépenser son argent en choses jolies et à la mode. The only time Pearl has ever called Mr. Krabs something other than Daddy or Dad is in ". Sandy •

Eugene •

When SpongeBob visits Pearl's dream in "Sleepy Time," she is having a tea party and wants him to join her. 17:10 How To Draw A Minecraft Wolf (dog) 3,108 Views. This episode marks the first usage of the tracks ", This is the first episode to premiere during. Terry & Chris | Color: Patrick is very nervous about his performance, but the training SpongeBob gave him pays off and he shows Pearl his impeccable dancing skills. Daisy • "The Chaperone" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In the episode, Pearl's old boyfriend Octavius Rex rudely stands her up and SpongeBob is volunteered to be her new date. Donnie • Plankton even has a fear-induced nightmare about a zombie Pearl chasing and eating him. 19:33 PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE WITH COLLINS KEY! Zuko • In order for his scheme to work, he needs to get Pearl to like Cashina as well.

Pearl sings a duet with Mr. Krabs called "Daddy Knows Best," through which she laments being unable to follow her actual dreams. Flora • Pearl tries to deny it so that her friends will stop mocking her, but it becomes difficult to pretend she does not like SpongeBob when the two get paired up on the Tunnel of Glove ride. Rhonda • Debbie | Puff. Several episodes hint that Pearl may have fantasies of becoming a famous movie star.

Trixie Tang • Pearl Krabs is a character from SpongeBob who is Mr. Krabs' daughter and a whale. Mr. Krabs offers to take her instead, but she starts crying, causing an earthquake. Pearl has had the same bed, which her father got for $30, ever since she was a newborn.[11].

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