Looks like a good straightforward example to me. Model: 1817 Model: 1894/14 Peacetime: Glad to see peace once more, and his bayonet - which he had never sharpened - and his other war memorabilia now safely locked into a trunk, Otto Moody (left) returned to Canadian shores, and relaxes at the beach with friends. or Best Offer +$14.00 shipping. Manufactured by Wilkinson Sword Company of London, England in 1894. Condition: Fine, Made: C.1820s-40s /  Nice Original Bayonet for the 88 Comission Rifle', Made: WWI / Germany // Stop Define Variables for days of the month 306th Bde. It's essential features included a dagger type blade, sharpened on both sides, and big brass rivets holding the wooden grips to the blade. Condition: Fine+, Excellent Original 1960 Dated M-4 Bayonet ', Made: 1960 / Italy Condition: Fine, Made: Indian War / US Model: 1775 Model: Model: 1858 The foe was out of sight. Condition: VG, Made: Civil War / US View cart for details. This bayonet was made for the Remington Danish Rolling Block rifle. Maker: Model: Model: I have what I, so far, have identified as a Pattern 1888, Mk1,2nd Type bayonet. Original condition. Specifications called for the blade and scabbard to be shortened to 280mm and called the M1895 rifle bayonet for the Mannlicher rifle. Model: 1881 $94.91. This is an export bayonet and has GERMANY lightly engraved in the opposite ricasso using electric pencil. Is this a reasonable amount? Scabbard: Steel and leather Colonial Pattern 1888 with internal locket and integral frog. He had the Mark I version of the standard 1888 Pattern Lee-Metford bayonet issued to all British soldiers fighting in the Boer War. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Model: M 5 Model: Ersatz The extremely rare Pattern 1888 Mark I Lee-Metford Bayonet with three brass rivets in the handle. THE SAME PATTERN OF BAYONET THAT EQUIPPED ANZAC TROOPS WHEN THEY INITIALLY DEPLOYED TO EGYPT AND THE DARDANELLES (GALLIPOLI) IN 1915. First model bayonet made by Gebr. Maker: document.write; Maker: Springfield Armory Bayonets - Items for Sale - J&J Military Antiques. JOHN THE BAPTIST AND HELEN) CHURCHYARD United Kingdom' In a hundred ways and one. Type 1 version bayonet with oil hole in handle. Maker: Remington Arms Co And so do I like it - and the other! Second model bayonet German made by Alex Coppel, Solingen. Condition: VG-Exc, Minty Original Trapdoor Springfield Trowel Insert', Made: Indian War / Springfield, Mass For digging up many a tater, Condition: Good+, Made: C.1750-60 / US Maker: Model: During the Gallipoli campaign, the Battalion was assimilated into the 161st Brigade, armed with obsolete long Lee–Enfield rifles – many soldiers exchanged these for more modern SMLE weapons picked up from casualties. It is an oddity of the Boer War, in the later stages, that bayonets issued to the men were rarely sharpened! dailyinfo[14]='21866 Sergeant Robert William MANN who died 14/11/1920 7th Bn. Blade is VG. Sign up ... Austrian M-1888 NCO Rifle Bayonet W/S . dailyinfo[26]=' Brigadier General Frederick Stuart DAWSON C M G, D S O and Bar, 4 times Mentioned in Despatches Instructional and Administrative Staff Union Defence Forces who died on 26/10/1920 SOUTH AFRICAN BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE South Africa' The few 2nd Types I have found that have sold here in the U.S. seem to have brought some where in the $80 to $120 range. Just click on the country links below to give you access to the pages. Model: 1895 Condition: Fine, Antique Guns, Swords, Bayonets, Accessories, Civil War, Indian War, World War I, World War II Firearms, Edged Weapons, Holsters, Flask, Molds & other Military memorabilia, Holsters, Boxes, Belts, Hangers,Slings etc (105), Masonic Fraternal Swords & Accoutrements (10), Masonic Fraternal Swords & accoutrements (10), Tools, Tompions, Cap Tins, Accesories (91), German WWI Mauser Rifle 84/98 Sawback Bayonet, Harpers Ferry M-1816 Musket Socket Bayonet, Harpers Ferry M-1816 Socket Bayonet W/S Belt & Buckle, Israeli Altered Austrian M-1895 Bayonet W/S, Israeli Marked Long Yugoslavian Mauser Bayonet W/S, Italian Beretta BM-59 & M-70 Knife Bayonet W/S, Italian M-1891 Carcano Bayonet W/S Rare Maker, Italian M-1891 Carcano Rifle Bayonet W/S & Frog, Italian M-1938 Latchlock Folding Carcano Bayonet W/S, Japanese Chinese Type 30 Arisaka Rifle Bayonet W/Rare Scab, Japanese Marked Enfield or Snyder Sword Bayonet W/S, Japanese Round Rectangular Guard Type 30 Bayonet, Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Rifle Bayonet & Hanger, Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Rifle Bayonet in Wood Scabbard, Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Rifle Bayonet W/S, Japanese Type 32 Army Sword Hanger Attachment, Jinsen Type 30 Training Bayonet W/S & Frog, Maryland Marked C.1808-1812 Musket Socket Bayonet, Mexican M-1899 Remington Rolling Block Rifle Bayonet W/S, Mexican M-1914 Mid Length Remington Rolling Block Bayonet, Mexican No 5 Remington Rolling Block Rifle Bayonet W/S, Mississippi Rifle Bayonet Snell Alteration W/S, Mississippi Rifle or J.Henry Rifle Saber Bayonet, Norwegian M-1894/14 Shortened Knife Bayonet W/S, Plymouth Navy Rifle Bayonet Serial Number 71, Polish WZ 85 Spring Loaded Practice Training Bayonet, Polish WZ 86/93 French Lebel Rifle Bayonet W/S, Portuguese M-1937 Mauser Rifle Knife Bayonet W/S, Republic El Salvado Remington Rolling Block Bayonet, Revolutionary War US Musket Socket Bayonet, Rhode Island Militia 45/70 Springfield Trapdoor Socket Scab, Sharps Rifle M-1859 & M-1863 Socket Bayonet, Spanish Air Force CETME Toledo Bayonet W/S, Spanish M-1893 Mauser Rifle Bayonet For Colonial Troops, Springfield Armory 45/70 Trowel Bayonet Wooden Handle Plug, Springfield M-1870 Navy Rolling Block Rifle Bayonet W/S, Springfield Trapdoor 45/70 Rifle Socket Bayonet W/S, Swedish M-1867 Remington Rolling Block Socket Bayonet, Swedish M-1881 Jarmann Bolt Action Rifle Socket Bayonet, Swedish M-1894/14 Mauser Carbine Bayonet W/S, Swiss Schmidt Rubin Bicycle Bayonet W/Leather Scabbard, Swiss Type 1817 Weidmesser Cantonal Sidelatch Bayonet, Swiss Vetterli M-1881 Sawback Bayonet W/S, Turkish M-1874 Peabody Rifle Saber Bayonet W/S, US Civil War 58 Caliber Musket Socket Bayonet, US Civil War 58 Caliber Musket Socket Bayonet Scabbard, US Civil War 58 Caliber Musket Socket Bayonet W/S, US Colonial Era Musket Thumb Screw Socket Bayonet, US M-1816 Musket Socket Bayonet W/Locking Bridge.

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