Amaryllis: (Greek) This word means “sparkling”, but it’s also the name of a flower. Gemstone names are another hit in the genre, with Jasper and Onyx bringing shine to the list. Mali Sadio is a hippopotamus who developed a deep friendship with a local girl. This character depicts a fascist Dane who comes off as a racist. Here are some 29 adorable names to spoil your hippo with. 5. Roxie: Maybe your neighbor has a female dog pet named Roxie. These ferocious critters are capable of snapping a human into pieces within minutes. Apart from using them to gnash plantations, herbs, fruits, and grass, hippos use their gnashers for protection against predators, fight off humans as well as each other. Remi: (French) This girl’s name means “oarsman” but it’s also a unisex name as well. Chevy: It’s not only automobiles that have the name Chevy. 7. Peter Potamus: Adapted from the show Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon, Peter is a purple hippo who travels the world on his air balloon. Here are some 29 adorable names to spoil your hippo with. Diva: A female hippo would benefit from this! I've been working with the National Wildlife Federation for the past five years. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list.
It has associations to the olive branch, and is a symbol of peace and celebrated success. Faya: Do not mess with a hippo! Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Moms (and some fun ones for baby, too!) Bagel: Imagine having a baby hippo called Bagel! There are obvious picks like Lyric and Banjo, as well as names connected to popular musicians at the time like Lennon and Marley. When I hear the name Blossom, I can’t help but think about the PowderPuff Girls – but it’s definitely a cute choice. Melody: (Greek) This classy hippie name means “song”, and used to be more popular in the 70’s than it is today (which is why it’s an awesome option!). Scout: (English) Meaning “one who gathers information covertly”, you’ll often hear people use this as a nickname for boys. 2. Meadow: (English) This hippie name means “a mown field” and I can’t help but envision children running around in the field without a worry in the world. Sage: (Latin) This boho girl name means “wise” and is gaining popularity among parents of newborn girls. Angry Arnold: Never cross a hippo’s path as you may never live to tell the story. Choose any of the above at your will. Let’s look at some pet names which depict some of these traits. 3. Journey: (Latin) A name that comes from the Latin word “diurnus” which means day.

Blossom: (English) This baby name means “to bloom”. Bren: How appropriate for your ‘bren’ new hippo pet. Breezy: (Spanish) This cute baby name means “The woman Achilles loved in Homer’s Iliad”. The film is centered on a baby hippo on the island of Zanzibar. 14. A male hippo can weigh up to 9,900 pounds while a female hippo has an average weight of 3,000 pounds. Canyon: (Spanish) This boy name means “footpath”, but it’s also (obviously) geography’s name for canyons and deep ravines. Fennec: (Unknown) So technically Fennec is a species of fox (the smallest fox in the world). 13. They have their aggressive as well as the peaceful side.

Silas: (Latin) Meaning “man of the forest”, is there anything more hippie-sounding than that?! Gloria the Hippo and Moto Moto develop an attraction towards each other, but their attraction wanes with time when Gloria discovers his true character. Dylan: (Welsh) Meaning “son of the sea”, this is a fun hippie name to consider for your newborn baby boy. Not only have I included hippie names for boys and girls, but I’ve also included extra sections that include earth names, bohemian names, nature names and more! Hippo appears in Marvel Comics and is transformed into a humanoid version who has superhuman abilities and can adapt to water bodies. Milo: (German) This hippie boy name means “soldier” but it also reminds of my the movie Milo & Otis as well. Don’t you think so? var s=document.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.onload=function(){};s.src='//'; Mali: Adapted from a legend from the African country of Mali. Please see my disclosure for more information. Like Gloria, the Hippo, female hippos are the queens who deserve all the exciting names. Hippy: The ringleader of team hippos. 8. Don’t forget about all the other nature hippie names out there that you should think about, too. It entails picking as many marbles as possible using a toy in the shape of a hippo. Madam Sluggy: Let’s be honest! You can keep it generic with Astro and Moon, or explore constellations like Orion and Apollo as well. Autumn: (Latin) Since it’s the name of one of our four seasons, “autumn” also happens to be the meaning of this name as well. Sailor: (German) This name means “boatman”, and is cute for both boys and girls. Hope: (English) Meaning “hope”, this is a totally unique girl’s name that is gaining in popularity. Everest: (English) While this name means “God”, it also is the name of the Earth’s highest mountain as well. With all that weight, a hippo is bound to become sluggish at some point. 1. 7. Bohemian means an unconventional person, particularly in the arts. 21. Freedom: (American) This name means “not in captivity” and it’s about what the hippie life is really all about. Xavier: (Spanish) Even though this name means “new house”, it also has a mean of “bright, splendid” as well. Sorry, guys! Each has laidback feels and a groovy side you can’t help but love. Canyon: (Spanish) This boy name means “footpath”, but it’s also (obviously) geography’s name for canyons and deep ravines.

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