I have received a “Notice of Payment” in the post saying that a fine of €54.70 (£47.92) has been imposed for a violation of the Italian Highway Code on Aug 26 2016. The Consequences of Not Paying a Court-ordered Fine When the sentencing judge calculates the total debt owed by the defendant, the defendant must immediately pay the full amount or pay a fee to set up a payment plan with the court. The first sign is 80 meters before the camera, then there is another sign under the camera. Of the 859,959 traffic violations that issued by traffic police in 2008, 457,613 were issued to motorists who entered the limited traffic zones without the required permit; 250,415 were given to drivers who parked in no-parking zones; 22,904 were issued for speeding; and 7,700 were given for having run a red light. Today I called Hertz and they told me that the charge was not the fine, it was their fee for looking up and providing my name and address to the municipality. Relaxing and much simpler. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-79277406', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');rent a car and get fined on this trip they will send an agency after you and there will not only be the fines and the fees from the rental agency but also late fees as well making the fines much more expenisve. 10. Same thing happened to me a few years ago. The administrative charge made by the car hire company for transmitting your details to the authorities is completely legitimate cannot be challenged successfully. Leaving the vehicle parked in the paid parking zone by exposing the certificate of payment to the wrong side to prevent them from reading.
You yourself should also provide EMO with the relevant details. Prohibited in the area temporarily for cleaning the streets. Request for access to administrative documents. If you are sure the car rental company will not pay and you live outside of the EU, there’s not much the Italian municipalities can do about an unpaid fine. Try to use the parking areas (usually metered or with a custodian) provided near the entry points. New Topic Reply to Topic. In October 2016 we were charged a fee by Hertz for providing our details to the Italian authorities so the letter has come as no surprise. 4. In the US, you almost never get ticketed for under 10 MPH over the posted limit. In other words, were you in actual possession of the rental vehicle on the date this allegedly occurred, and in the vicinity of where the ticket was issued? There will probably be some identifying material (citation number, car license plate number) that you should enter into the Reason for Payment or Comments field. In the area prohibited to load / unload things. I tried to contact both EMO and Nivi Credit by telephone and email to confirm the 360-day cut-off but neither agency responded. (The American translation of this is being fined $235 for doing 53 mph in a 37 zone).

Model presentation appeal against the minutes of the violation investigation C.d.S.
In addition, they sometimes apply only to certain hours on working days. Click here for information on how. All rights reserved. I prepaid the fees, but decided to appeal, in Italian (thank you Google Translate), to the Justice of the Peace in Prato. Do not parallel to the axis of the roadway. Daily produce market? Of course the VERY strict European blood-alcohol limits for drivers are well known to most travellers as another area where the US and Europe have very different standards….

1. Because of the rental, your credit card is on file and the fine will eventually be charged to it if you don’t so something about it sooner. As noted above, if you are fined while still in Italy, take the payment form that comes with the citation to the Post Office and pay there. Milan in comparison issues 81 million euro in traffic fines, but it is considerably bigger than Florence.’. According to the Italian Traffic Code, the police have only 360 days after receiving identification of the driver of the vehicle (that is, the date that Hertz handed over your UK address) within which to notify foreign drivers of the fine. The fact that it took them over 10 months to cite me also seems odd. In Florence and Pisa (and many other towns) there are a number ofzones covering the historical and hotel district where cars with special permits only may enter.The cars rented out by car rental agencies do not have these permits. EPC, like EMO, is more of a translation, notification and collection service than a debt collector.

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