Love to see through the eyes of a very well travelled expat, Laura's authetic, truthful and interesting article definitely give us many food for thoughts! Or maybe the folks that don't speak too much English, typically from the older generation. I am sure this will help those who just arrived in the city and trying to settle in. Thumbs up Laura! China town,Little India,Geylang are unique enclaves!Yes! Learn more about Singapore in … 15 Things You Didn't Know About SIngapore! Glad that you are able to adapt to all these culture shocks. English + Singapore = Singlish, lah! A relatively young country, Singapore draws influences from both East and West, which can make it a hotbed of cultural values. Singapore is the most expensive city in the world, so it's time to learn a few fun facts about it! Three packages to choose from in total – Basic Singapore Stopover Holiday, Singapore Stopover Holiday and Singapore Stopover Premium. Interesting experience and insights that only a true foreigner living in and loving Singapore is able to describe. Poverty in Singapore suffers from a lack of visibility Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most well-developed countries in the world, and this is often the side that is seen and thought of. In my years of growing up in Singapore, I've never seen so many complaints about the MRT system in Singapore than those in the last 2 years. But I must say, you will find really clean streets with no gum sticking on the floor! That passion for travelling didn’t stop there, it even got stronger and stronger over the years. You'll find Chinese men playing table games along the streets. Love the humor in the post, off to check my fridge lol! Ya right, sound soooo familiar leh. Love Laura's insightful, honest and interesting anecdotes on this island we call home and funny behaviors of fellow Singaporeans and all who who transient here. I've been to Singapore several times and I know these things happen! I live in Singapore and have to agree!! Great to hear that an expat is also able to appreciate Singlish now too! I hope you are coping well despite the tropical weather ! Love it or hate it, but Singlish has definitely established itself as a clear part of the Singaporean identity. Only one thing you might not know. Safe,clean,efficient! What's more important is the safety that we so carefully guard.And the efficiency and convenience of moving around and getting things done. Copyright Thibaut Humbert. The queue in branded store is not unique to Singapore, it is also an ubiquitous phenomenon in Hong Kong too. Plenty of facts about our country, Singapore. Somewhere along the way, I guess the increase in population and tourists might have taken a toll on the MRT. And suddenly I could hear it, yeah, it was English but it sounded somehow really strange…Well since then, understanding the Singaporean accent when talking in English (Singlish) has gotten much easier and I must say I find myself using a “lah” here and there too. Coming soon... Home | Terms | Contact | RSS, Top 10 Culture Shocks When Living As Expat In Singapore, Consumer watchdog Which takes on airlines not paying refunds, Expat retirees in Thailand still scared of more rule changes. Oh gosh but it is really funny though, when going there you really feel like you are somewhere in the midst of China. je suis singapourienne, mais j'habitais à paris pendant quelques années. Here, we look behind the scenes at 10 reasons why the airline continues to be. What about writing something about the daily challenges that a foreigner living in Singapore may come to face? Don't we feel proud that our fellow Singaporeans are doing their bit at protecting their nation? This article was originally on at: 10 things we complain about in Singapore but secretly adore, If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. Powered by, 10 (more) good & bad things about Singapore, 18 Artisan Food & Beverages Made In Singapore. Insightful and thoroughly lifestyle oriented. As the saying goes, “Singapore is Asia for beginners.”, extremely true! A foreigner's account of some of the quirks of life in Singapore, peppered with personal anecdotes - and pretty spot-on! Oh, I still remember my first night in Singapore, I was staying in an old, cheap hostel somewhere at Bugis and was talking to these 2 Singaporean ladies! However, if you would like to know more about the... What is your Wi-Fi code? it was not only funny but also very true! Thumbs up, Laura. Some may feel that our country is a little obsessed with having fines for small offences such as littering, drinking in the MRT or smoking near a bus stop. Reasonably, it’s illegal to spit in coffee shops and markets, but it’s also illegal on public roads, sideways and any other place that’s open to the public. It was so good sharing that time with you beautiful in Singapore. Yes, no place on earth is perfect. When the time comes for you to buy your own house, you should remember that it may not have been possible for you to afford it without your CPF. Even though Singapore is already very westernized, it definitely gave me some culture shocks during  my first few months. Food is really cheap there, compared to the rest of Singapore. Best wishes. I agree with all the said points! haha this is too funny! I've also heard from my own relatives and friends how their sons and/brothers have changed for the better after NS. 10 Facts About Poverty in Singapore. Wow! Well there you go! Yes, we all know that Singapore has recently emerged as one of the most expensive cities to live in for the third straight year. After a gleam of Singapore through Laura's eyes, the long and short of it is, you must come and experience it ... come la. My exquisite french taste prevents me for trying. Do you like durians? Soooooo authentic and funny Laura. 1. Try typing "Singaporeans love to complain" into Google and you'll find a host of articles and videos discussing how Singaporeans love to complain. I’d say India would top my list on super shocking culture shock I have ever encountered. Wonderful post and absolutely true! One correction. Interesting blog by expat Laura Scheffner!Being born and bred here, looking at my country from the eyes of an expat is really an eye-opener! I did not realise that we actually have that many luxury shops so near to each other until you mention!U have observed my country more than I have. thanks Laura for sharing this! 9. From deadly plane crashes to disastrous bombings, here are 10 of the worst things that have ever happened on Friday the 13th. - Positive in nature - If you haven't got anything nice to say... you know! i love your story and I could totally relate with having a nanny.. i have a lot of stories about them myself. 10. Thank you lah! Spitting in public. You surely know it already from experience. has listed 10 things that we think Singaporeans actually love more than hate about our country even when we complain. The Good Things 1 - Shopping anytime. - Verify your email address - One time only, we'll send you a verification email (CHECK SPAM FOLDER!) Welcome to the land of little quirks! Some Singaporeans have felt that the influx of foreign talents has taken up jobs that should be reserved for Singaporeans. : 201815023K, 10 Things We Complain About In Singapore But Secretly Adore, 3 things SMRT can do when the MRT breaks down, much money you need to buy your first HDB flat, 10 things we complain about in Singapore but secretly adore. Great post you have here. I can fully comprehend the many so called culture shocks you experienced. Interesting and very well described..!! Great job navigating through our uniquely Singaporean quirks. 10 reasons why Singapore Airlines was voted world's Number One airline. Having been a Singaporean and stayed for over 30 years, I very much like to visit your country and like to see what it looks like. Food Court is Singapore proud culture. Therefore singaporeans would somehow work less and not grow their economy as much as they do now. I hope you had fun reading my fun yet very memorable culture shock tips. I used to have a fringe and I had to let it grow out because my hair used to look horrible with all the humidity, now, hair straighteners or styling products would really help! Very new, Just 6th day in singapore and i am loving it. If there were no indians, there would be not as many new buildings; and if there were no philipino girls, many singaporeans would have to leave earlier or come back later or sleep less so they can shop for groceries, cook, clean the flat or else.

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