hoping this is enough :) I am changing my guess as to gender to Female ... right/wrong? She won’t hesitate to shed its urticating setae or give you an impressive threat pose. Wet season: December, January, February, March.

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red"? The slightest disturbance nearby often results in use of urticating setae and/or a threat pose. Life expectancy: Females can become up to 13-15 years old. Nhandu chromatus Nhandu chromatus Schmidt, 2004, also known as “Brazilian red and white” or “White striped birdeater”, is a very beautiful bird spider due to its …

Reacties kunnen niet achtergelaten worden op dit moment. Pamphobeteus sp. Note that cages with high humidity levels are very sensitive for mites and other parasites. Upgrade to an Arachnosupporter account. In the “World spider catalog” you can see both spiders being categorized as different species: Nhandu chromatus, Lasiodora cristata. ****special offer whilst stocks last**********, Theraphosa strimi : burgundy ... 9/10cm leg length.

Grammostola pulchripes : chaco golden knee .. Harpactira baviana...6 @ 1.5/3cm, 12 @3/4.5cm, Harpactira pulchripes ...c/b.......... 10 @ 3/4.5cm, Heteroscoda maculata : togo starburst ... c/b ....6 left, Hysterocrates sp ...gigas hobby ... 1 left @ 7cm. Numerous tiny, white dots and sometimes a faint, metallic, blue colour will appear on submerse leaves.

Thrixopelma pruriens : Chile green velvet .. machala (Purple bloom) 2cm .

Common name: Brazilian Red. . Heterothele villosella : amani chestnut long spinneret baboon... Lampropelma nigerrimum arboricola : Borneo Black. chilobrachys fimbriatus : Red and yellow black banded... , Chilobrachys sp.

Venom: Probably mild. .Nephila madagascarensis : Madagascar (0/1.5cm size are 2mm long and price is for 10), larger sizes are priced singly....all captive bred, only 4 @ 3/4.5cm , .platythomisus octomaculatus.... 8 @ 1.5/3CM. Nhandu chromatus Schmidt, 2004, also known as “Brazilian red and white” or “White striped birdeater”, is a very beautiful bird spider due to its coloration and behavior from Brazil and Paraguay.

Brachypelma sabulosum : Guatamalan redrump..... Caribena versicolor : Antilles pink toe ....approx 1.7cm .. Ceratogyrus darlingi : East African horned baboon. .Porrhothele antipodiana.. c/b babies @ 2cm leg length... .Sicarius terrosus..before buying we will need an e mail with photo proof of age over 18 and letter acknowledging that you know this is a very venomous spider and will keep it accordingly....1 left, missing 2 legs !

Indigenous: Brazil.

Do not overheat the terrarium. angustum (was brachypelma) ...., 1 @ 7cm+, Tlitocatl kahlenbergi.. (was brachypelma) only 13 @ 7cm+, Tlitocatl Vagans : Mexican Red Rump..bulk buy..price per 10, Tlitocatl Vagans : Mexican Red Rump..bulk buy..price per 50, Tlitocatl Vagans : (was brachypelma).. Mexican Red Rump.....1 @ 1.5/3, 2@ 3 /4.5,cm, .Acanthogonatus recinto : Dark tiger rump, .Ancylotrypa nuda........orange legged trapdoor spider, .Argiope sp 1 : nigeria ....species are variable to that shown in picture, .Argiope sp..species are variable to that shown in picture.4 left, .Ctenus sp ? Acanthoscurria brocklehursti : velvet chocolate grey bird eater. Here is Percy moulting. 19.00. ............. Acanthoscurria geniculata : Giant white knee , , 5 @3/4.5cm, Aphonopelma chalcodes : New river rust rump . Phormictopus atrichromatus : Red Island Bird Eater....4left... Phormictopus cancerides : haitian brown.. 5 @ 7cm+, phormictopus sp NW hispaniola.. 3 left @4.5/7cm,, 6@7cm+, Poecilotheria metallica : Gooty ornamental : .....7 @ 1.5/3, 3 @ 4.5/7, 1 left @7cm, Poecilotheria ornata ..4 @ 1.5/3, 2 left @ 7cm, Poecilotheria regalis : indian ornamental..... , 2 @ 3/4.5cm.

2013. .. Brachypelma albiceps.. , 5 @0/1.5, 2 @ 1.5/3cm, Brachypelma bohemi : mexican fire leg .2left, Brachypelma hamorii..bulk buy..price per 10. Brachypelma harmorii :Mexican red knee ... Ceratogyrus darlingi : East African horned baboon...4 @ 1.5/3, 5 @ 3/4.5,3@4.5/7, Chilobrachys dyscolus.. 2 @ 4.5/7, 1 @7cm+. red"?

22.00. Urticating setae: Yes (abdomen).

Acanthoscurria musculosa : Matto grosso black velvet bird eater......... Aphonopelma aberrans : Casa blanca chestnut.

It is possible you notice interactions. .Sicarius terrosus..before buying we will need an e mail with photo proof of age over 18 and letter acknowledging that you know this is a very venomous spider and will keep it … Expect hundreds of spiderlings to come out. 3-4x span width in surface. • Introduce both male and female to each other by placing both terraria next to each other a few days before mating. .Stegodyphus lineatus... , all w/c adults, .Stegodyphus lineatus....MALES ONLY.., all w/c adults...10 left, .stegodyphus sarasinorum : Social spiders : price for 10 spiders, .Thomisus sp : tanzanian crab spider 1 white or mixed colours. Beginners sometimes confuse her with Acanthoscurria geniculata.

Warmest months: October, November, December, February, March. Also what it is up with the "sp. Ceratogyrus marshalli : Zimbabwe lesser horned baboon... Ceratogyrus sanderi : South west african lesser horned baboon..... Chilobrachis andersoni : Burmese mustard... cyriocosmos elegans : Trinidad fifteen spot brown .... Cyriopagopoeus sp : Cambodian midnight blue, Cyriopagopoeus albostriatum : Thailand black or edible bird eater, Euathlus sp yellow : bumblebee.... 1 left, Eucratoscelus pachypus : Stout leg baboon, Eupalaestrus campertratus : common yellow banded stout hind legged.

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