It was well-maintained and they were state inspected and licensed. The tag number for the Dodge Silver Van, is HJM 4198. Lesson learned, never buy a dog over the internet. She is our best friend. From the start, the Greenfield puppy breeder was very professional. Since we had a hard time adopting through a shelter, we decided to look else where. He had this angry, little, sassy look on his face. They let me know that the puppy had a small scab on his back that had peeled off at some point and now there was a “SMALL” open sore on his back. PAY ATTENTION to any negative reviews you find! I’ve told people and I showed a guy that comes down and sells fertilizer pictures of the website. I’ve done my research on GFP, the Amish, and puppy mills! What a scam !!! I didn't get a health guarantee with the puppy, I was lucky my vet stated she was in good health. I went through Lancaster Puppies, buying a 5 month old mini bernedoodle puppy from Ruth Miller of and he had a massive skin infection on his back the vet had to shave off. They are all the same person. In between of our travel, I got a call from the breeder that the puppy had a small scab on the back. For more information about reviews on please visit our Then, after we had used that one, we immediately got spam email. It will always say no Sunday calls. I'm an older person and I posted my puppies on the site. I had made up my mind that I couldn’t let the tiniest one go back with him. Right after Christmas 2019 my husband and I went to the Dutch Market here in Maryland on Saturday. The man opened a cage and took out a mal nourished puppy who looked nothing like the pictures. I got him a second round and he had worms. Lancaster Puppies is part of a criminal network of people posting puppies for sale online--they are scammers and getting rich off the emotional purchase of a puppy. What I found was, not only breeders from PA, but from all over. Oct 14, 2019. The family claimed ignorance and went as far to say that markings change…in two weeks! Required fields are marked *. She had already spent 9 hours in a truck from the breeder in Illinois to the Pet Ex distribution center in Missouri. I got a little disappointed but then she called me back that afternoon and said that they got all the paperwork and it’s all ready to go. I am going to find these people and shut them down. Smart training goes fast. He explained that she would ship via PetEx. Found my German Shepherd puppy on here went to PA to pick her up and had a great experience. Health records, vet records, who is the vet, can you meet mom and dad, can you see where the pups are kept etc etc. Most of these are mixed breeds, and virtually all are not AKC registered. The man who responded said the puppy in question was available. I agree, if you are not an Amish puppy mill they treat you like crap. Per puppy... Insane. I didn’t even think to check the tracking because I said not to until an hour after the plane was supposed to leave. All dog breeders should offer a guarantee, a health record, starter puppy food, starter shots & wormers and lots of advice. 3. Against our better judgement, we purchased the puppy for $1500.00. They just pee & poop wherever they want. Very untrustworthy and down right lied to us. NOT all) could be so heartless. Mr. ** returned calls on time and very happy to work with us to keep our puppy of choice on hold until we could pick her up (at 11 weeks old). At the time I was not aware of any complaints about the site, but I was wary of puppy mills and A LOT of the pictures were of puppies from Amish farms. They don't like that. We could've been getting this puppies for a thousand horrible reasons, but they did not ask one question. She is absolutely perfect and no health issues and no fleas or anything. We have four children, so we added an extra little person to pick up after in the house. We didn’t think so! My Shichon pups are nearly four years old. My husband and I decided to purchase her and one of her litter mates. I was given the option again to take my money back and leave or choose another puppy. You are to hand him an envelope with cash (of course) including sales tax (which I now know they are not paying) and he will give you the puppy and a health guarantee. Do not post your puppies on this site. 3. find a dog breeder that doesn't airline ship and just sells locally or possibly to their state & surrounding states only. We arrived to find our puppy living in the most disgusting, filthy conditions. The dog breeder we chose asked us 15 questions or more. SO sick!). When I got there there where cages crowded with puppies that looked sick with brouses and poop everywhere, no food or water in sight. For more than ten years, Greenfield has set strict standards for the breeders the company partners with so that each soon-to-be owner can welcome a happy, healthy pup into their home. Keep your money and find another way, my daughter has been set so far back by this. We adopted a Mini Golden doodle girl from a breeder in Ohio. what they need to do is make some more rules for the dog breeders themselves. Even the children are involved. The day that we were scheduled to pick one out at his home 7/7/ 2019, we drove the 6 hrs to meet him, & the mother of the puppies. Only put down small deposits. If a veterinarian determines within 10 days of you taking ownership that the puppy was clinically ill or sustained an injury before it being sold and delivered, you may be eligible to return the dog for a full refund or replacement puppy. I told him that it was okay as I thought that the open sore would be size of a quarter. Be sure to thank your dog breeder for their time and work. We are so in love with our sweet girl and the woman who sold us to her has been checking up and making sure we are doing okay. Many aim to preserve, protect, and promote the breed standard and quality of life of their dogs. Lancaster Puppies advertises for a dishonest breeder of mini-sheepadoodle puppies named Tina Schultheis from Ligonier, PA. Then he wanted me to send money for deposit by PayPal and I told him I don’t have account with paypal but I could send a check. I am keeping this puppy for sure. This sucks because now we will fave thousands of dollars in vet bills to save this poor puppy. I was looking for a miniature Bernese Mountain Dog, and everybody was saying how they started mixing all the breeds and they ended up getting sick. After paying a $500 deposit, Tina raised the prices of the puppies to $2500. We messaged the Lancaster Puppies lady that we would come after four days. Fast forward 30 minutes I get a text from him saying that he just put the kids down for a nap and it wouldn’t be possible to come to his house, but he could bring us the puppies and the mother to look at. Happy, loving, energetic and almost trained little 8 week puppy. We had to administer medicinal wipes and shampoo. if you find a dog breeder that's interested in your life, your routine, whether you have kids or not, whether you rent to own, this is a good dog breeder. DON’T SUPPORT THIS CO OR ANY OF THE BREEDERS! Mrs. ** came out to greet us and say goodbye to the puppy. He was super on top of getting back to me. Go to a reputable breeder, and if you can’t meet the mom, RUN! does not edit or remove any aspect of the report and is simply a consumer grievance free-speech platform. I found a puppy on that looked good, but then I clicked on the breeder info. Mom and dad were in perfect condition and so so sweet and social (puppy mill dogs will not be this way). Sure enough man in silver van showed up and we lie in wait. The boxer puppy we bought was actually a docent animal than advertised. They're amazing. Site Developed by Abuzz Creative. The only thing we have had issues with was he had worms - which is common in pups- and he’s kind of skiddish around strangers but again I heard that’s common with these breeds. A friend also had this breed, so that all played into it. I started researching puppies on Greenfield Puppies.

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